1. Not worth the asking price but this looks very well executed.

  2. Giving feet pics away for free!? In this economy!?

  3. It's really unbelievable how many sport betting / gambling ads there are.

  4. I play shinny on Friday mornings in Ontario, the rink i play at has betting 6 betting ads on the boards and the home and away visitors benches are both sponsored by betting companies with those big patterned backdrops like what you see during player interviews.

  5. Natty or its a fight on sight next time he sees his dealer lmao.

  6. This happens with both genders this is not exclusive to men or women. it sucks but it is what it is, Better to just stop wasting time after they turn you down or makeup an excuse the second time.

  7. What is that sound? Are you porpoising violently or is your wheel just torquing out?

  8. Children, Either wanting them or having previous children. Its not for me, will never be for me and respectfully I don’t want to take care of someone else’s kids considering I have no desire for my own.

  9. Probably not going to happen this year, but definitely attainable naturally, I hit 315 for the first time in my 3rd year of lifting and by my 5th year of lifting i was able to do 315 for 4 sets of 3 naturally. But i was a solid 210lbs at 5’10” and had basically spent those five years chasing and improving my bench press and would not have described my build as aesthetically pleasing at all lol.

  10. I enjoy red baron because everytime i pickup the package i start shouting about committing war crimes.

  11. I ain’t reading all of that, Happy for you tho or sorry that happened.

  12. Motivated and weed don’t often go hand in hand

  13. Can confirm, Wasted so many afternoons just being a lazy stoned fuck. Been using microdosing of shrooms to help ween myself off of the stuff, its nice every once in a while but chronic use is rarely beneficial imo.

  14. How is that going? Do you feel anything when you microdose? I'd like to look into that for myself

  15. Oh whoops i forgot to answer your initial Q lmfao. So the pills i use are pre dosed at 150mcg per capsule. The most i’ve taken at once was 3 (450mcgs) and that i was very much aware of a state of “high” but i had no hallucinations or auditory changes. I tried lifting on the 3 dose this past weekend and i was noticeably weaker, 10-15% but i seemed to get, or at least perceived that i got a better pump. But it was not conducive to good performance in the gym imo.

  16. Need more angles but the Mclaren drives the exit like the alpine isn’t even there. Id say there was a significant overlap at the mid point of the corner given the radar arrows were red and showed at one point the alpine may have even been ahead briefly.

  17. Blue, So i fix the mistake of choosing the wrong numbers for the 1.6B power ball. Checkmate red doortheists.

  18. F1 teams are researching if this tongue design produces enough downforce lmao

  19. I like to connect in more meaningful conversations with my dates, none of that surface level stuff, i care about what matters, I want to know their income, their net worth, if they have any sizeable inheritance coming their way soon from dying family members, if they’re cool with being monogamous while I sleep around trying to find a better offer.

  20. Man i think about Fernando Alonso and what could have been and i literally just start shaking its so sad. You have this handsome beast of a man, mentored under the gentle tutelage of Renault and Briatore. Beautiful smile on his face and it just breaks me I can't. I tried to make a protein shake just now and i literally couldn't close the lid to the bottle because my hands were shaking so much its so fucking sad man like think about it. We have this gorgeous 5’8” beast and he had everything going for him and all he wanted to do was race and have fun like everyone else and he just gets taken out so sad. He was so aesthetically pleasing too, handsome, broad shoulders, barrel chested like a more regal General Patton. GOD DAMN you know a lot of people think im too intense about shit but then i remind them about Fernando Alonso and a lot of people dont get it but you know like you seem like the kind of guy that does and that really touches me on such a deep level that. Thank you man. Thank you. Funny story actually i was at the hardware store today and i saw a drillbit that reminded me of Fernando and i started crying, an employee comes up to me and asks whats wrong and hahaha he asks me WHATS WRONG> motherFUCKER do you not REMEMBER FERNANDO ALONSO, yeah just my two cents thanks for listening

  21. YTA. Serious how the fuck do people like you even get and maintain a relationship with such caring people as your (more than likely soon to be ex) gf!? You just got a gift most people could only dream of from a woman who clearly cares about you a lot and the only thing you cared about was whether or not she “showed you up” to the point where you started a screaming match at your fucking party.

  22. Don’t lie op, You tried to fuck that barbell didn’t you?

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