1. There are only 2 rules of investing, buy good stocks at good pe. How can you score 1/2 in a test whose syllabus consists of only 2 lines

  2. Still to hold a stock till it’s down 50% is not a good idea & especially when there rumours of corporate governance in the market, Never try to average your losing trade until & unless it falls under a highly blue chip category with good corporate governance background, All you will do is use your remaining capital to add in this stocks as you will look to average out the price while avoiding other opportunities available in market from other stocks.. always have a entry & exit plan whether you invest or take swing trades.. Please take it as a friendly advice..🤗 Thanks

  3. My threshold is 20 to 25% percent. today it self was down 20%. but I agree with you..

  4. That's good. Is there any specific query you use on screener to select stocks?

  5. I am very happy to see that you are getting proper success in the Swing trading at a steady pace for last 2 years. I also follow the same strategy of yearly ROI instead of monthly ones, while staying clear out of Crypto, F&O and Intraday.

  6. It is tempting to see Screenshot of options MTM But personally I compare it with a scenario.

  7. r u in discord aby any chance, we cld exchange ideas and tips on regular basis if you feel so. Also I track the economic influences on the world and Indian market, which help me in getting ahead of market trend. Like I went for Gold ETFs in Oct 2022 and look where they are now. Same goes for Bank and Defense sectors, where I am bullish in investment.

  8. In a way it would create more controversy.. say she dressed up as indian goddess ... some would protest. this is insult

  9. Can you tell why you took these trades? Even I want to become a swing trader.

  10. Mind sharing which did you use? Day count and simple or exponential?

  11. this is budget before election! so expecting more Agricultural sector announcement to please Farmer vote bank. UPL, Deepak fertilizers, coromondal

  12. So you want TN youngsters to vote for BJP. So that they can change India's top state to UP/Bihar?

  13. I am saying TN youngster can vote to anyone they want.. you are creating an image... if one vote for bjp he/she is not a Tamilian... which is wrong

  14. You said it yourself, If someone is voting BJP he is not tamilian.

  15. My view is simpleBased on corruption in tamilnadu I avoidDMK / ADMK.Can give chance to other party.. Current political situation that party is BJP.I know there might be corrupted politicians in BJP but not as corrupted as DMK (If you refuse this then you know you are wrong).

  16. If I was governor I would have included former CM Jayalalitha accomplishment for women empowerment and other welfare by her. after reading this as the speech talks about growth of TN from 1960 after reading all..

  17. thats why I avoided swing entry at HCL Tech eventough technicals setup indicates entry

  18. I think he trying to say if he is touching other people except idols then he is not real one. not advocating untouchability

  19. Eventually they will be profitable. their focus on Cloud kitchen is good. Zomato and Swiggy will be duopoly. so funding wise the will get to operate.

  20. if this woman asks how entrepreneurs justify their valuation this season I'm gonna report the show.

  21. hee hee !! I watched the show.. she acted surprised when such event happened in the show...! and highlight tells "profit nahi hai is se" :P

  22. dude she hasn't appeared in the new season yet.

  23. I think 6000 is a good support, may be it goes back to 6500 this month… Any thoughts?

  24. Exactly my thoughts! Because the stock has no fundamental issues

  25. They have given highest loan approval rate for last quarter and these will reflect in upcoming quarter results and good company to hold on to. so Have plans to add more but will wait a week or two

  26. Not too bad bro, I’m down 17lks today on it alone 😂

  27. Cool!! Y dont you hedge with this sort of investment size? Sounds ignorant with that type of investment amount. Learn Hedging if you handle this sort of amount

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