Robbery gone right?

A glowing commendation for all to see

This goes a long way to restore my faith in the people of Earth

Shower them with laughs

  1. The 30% of britons and Americans that think they would loose to a rat is concerning

  2. “… so I can get more credit with the KPop stans on twitter”

  3. We really just rolled some dice for the imperial system huh

  4. This is the one that was missing. Litres is an SI analogue, but it's not actually metric. The metric standard for volume is m3

  5. There was a baboon gang in South Africa that terrorized Cape Town for years. Their handiwork was so recognizable (they'd break into cars and homes and rip them apart, taking whatever they could), the lead baboon was given the name [Fred](

  6. Love the criminal monkey that was hunted by authorities for three years before being captured and executed for his crimes.

  7. So what I’m hearing is that love is 33% schizophrenia. Got it

  8. Russia calling Great Britain “once-Great Britain” is giving off major Trump vibes lmao

  9. Just gonna go out on a limb here, but did someone air drop coke in Alaska around the same time?

  10. A woman did invent the windshield wiper the guy the movie is about invented the mechanism for an intermittent windshield wiper but looks like everyone got screwed when it came to windshield wiping Mary Anderson patented her invention but couldn’t get anyone to use it they told her they didn’t see it as useful it was 1903 her being a woman was the issue her patent expired she never made a dime but lived long enough to see her invention on cars everywhere

  11. Good info but try to use punctuation in the future; it makes things so much easier to read and understand.

  12. No hate for the car. It’s irresponsible and dangerous, but I totally understand. He’s the hero that can do the dirty work for us and the truck in the left lane is the idiot in a car

  13. You can now use a rocket to sell stuff. You load it up and goes to a space station. Then you get money.

  14. Is it any better than just building a store terminal in your base?

  15. It's a technology for your suit, and works anywhere, on a planet.

  16. Ah, well then yes it is. I haven’t played in forever so I’m a little behind

  17. I normally don’t flip people off when I’m driving, not because I’m a nice person, but I feel like they’re already driving like an idiot, I doubt they would care what I do or even pay any attention to me so I’d just be wasting my energy to lift my arm at them.

  18. Anyone notice that only the child who made it to the very top is wearing a helmet lol

  19. A couple people wore helmet; all the red hats are helmets. Surprisingly very few people wore them to your point though. Maybe it was a concern about a bunch if hard helmeted heads falling in people or maybe they got in the way of people legs as they were standing in each other’s shoulders

  20. Ok I’m just gonna say it. Where Eric’s chin at?

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