1. That's early on, nice. My baby finally did that at 4 months recently..but not nearly enough lol I felt great too!!! However, she is back to waking like every 2 hours argh

  2. Lol I have fleeting thoughts of seeing how people have another when mt baby is a joy and easy but reverts back to her typical fussiness and waking ever 2 hours and I am back to being OAD

  3. Yeah I could see that. Once their older and enjoyable I totally understand the want for another, but just not wanting it enough to actually do it. But then again I’ve never had one of my own so 🤷‍♂️

  4. Anecdotal - I was an only child and I was very lonely, but I attribute this just as much to my parents being a bit absent as I do to being an only child.

  5. Seaeching thoughts on being one and done...Best answer, if I could give you an award I would....

  6. I feel like no such thing as job security. Every company I been with always has layoffs due to pandemic, recession, acquisitions, etc. It's harder to see longer tenure at places now

  7. So, feeling unsafe/secure in job security and the associated feelings of chronic anxiety/fear?

  8. I don't have fear or anxiety over it but it just sucks knowing thats the case. I have a good emergency savings and faith things will work out

  9. No sugar coating it, I wish someone gave it to me straight... it's sooo hard and at times you feel like it's hell and you made a mistake unless you have a unicorn baby. Lol

  10. yep, of those we know with two, it's a pretty even split between "easier because they entertain each other" and "1+1=4"

  11. The “sandwich generation” is REAL. In the last month I’ve had to deal with my dad’s death and estate while getting my 4 year old into a new preschool because we are moving next week. On top of a full time job and both me and my husband’s companies doing layoffs.

  12. I'm so sorry. Didn't even think of that with aging parents and mine are getting there

  13. I always thought that I need a lot of sleep and I've been tired a lot. When we had our child I learned that I actually never knew what being tired really means. There is no time to think about my sleep deprivation because my child needs me. It isn't an option to just turn around and ignore her. You can't sleep when a baby cries and needs you. She is older now and I just feel tired when something unpredictable happens at night. What I miss the most is staying in bed on weekends. It is now a luxury to decide on my own if it is time to start the day or not. Even if my husband takes her out of her bed (most of the time at 6:30). My nerves just react to her voice and I am fully awake the moment she is up...

  14. Yeah, never knew tired until a baby. LOL I rolled at my eyes on those posts about not knowing tired until you're a parent when I was cf. Now I see others who are cf doing the same. I also see future ftm differently super excited and romanticizing baby life like me, they're in for a rude awakening unless they have a unicorn

  15. My baby would have so many cousins to play with so I'm not worried about that... but I do worry about aging and leaving her alone in that. Any advice

  16. Something I've noticed since realising we're one and done is how many people want a sibling for their kid over having another child. Would I love my kid to have another sibling, do I envision them being friends, playmates, Christmases together? Sure! But do I want to/could I physically or mentally handle another newborn, another toddler, more sleep regression, 2 kids together with different ages and stages and needs? Nope!

  17. Same exact thoughts. Lol I feel like if my baby was easier I would want a second. Days where she sleeps and eats well, plays ans chills makes me consider it but she reverts back to her more usual days of fussiness, fights naps, wakinf every 2 hours.......idk if I can do it all over again!

  18. Hi, I think it's too soon for us to make a permanent decision as my baby is only 4.5 months... but I think about this a lot. Due to my age, I give myself a timeline of 3 years and we both have to be absolutely sure we want a baby not a maybe...I want to go in a pregnancy with some excitement to meet a new member of our family. Also, you should ask in the subreddit OneandDone!

  19. Yes!! Social media makes it seem like the best thing in the world. I am so damn tired. This is legitimately the most difficult thing I’ve ever done. I love the shit out of my kid but I’m tired

  20. Yes! They made it seem like the newborn stage was one of the best with "they're only newborns for a couple months 🥺" lol I am happy we moved out that phase!!!! My baby is still hard but much more enjoyable

  21. 3 day long induction w/ 3 hours of pushing. Indeed, the pushing for hours does suck.

  22. Do you bank with chase? Pick a different bank. I’m going through this right now and it is the worst kind of hell.

  23. What scam are they trying to pull? I saw one like this on here the other day and it’s not obvious what they’re trying to do.

  24. I think the first call they were already in my account which had other banks linked. Maybe get me to verify those transactions which were not authorized and get me to let my.guard down to give any personal info they can use for mh other banks. So I think the second call from the othet 'bank' tricked me

  25. My boomer step dad in law keeps telling me how much having a masters will help me get ahead. Luckily I got mine free working at a university but it had not helped much lol

  26. The real LPT here is to do only one thing with the one-time code: enter it into the website that asked you for it, immediately after doing an operation that you initiated.

  27. My bank has sent codes to verify before, and it was legit. That's the thing.. so my lesson is to jusy always call the custpmer service # on the card directly no matter what now.. same for anything else

  28. Let's just say that only a stupid person would be spam/scamcalling from their own number, so spoofing numbers to appear as someone else is the bread and butter of their operations.

  29. I've seen questionable numbers with people pretending to be from a bank but never 'legit' matching names and numbers

  30. This just happened to me, isually I hang up and call directly but I dealt with fraud alerts, charges, etc. I thought the name and number must be them. Wrong.... noe I froze all my accounts smh

  31. I’ve commented this before in the sub… But check out… They have a job search feature that lets you search based on factors related to work life balance, culture, diversity, etc. highly rec!

  32. I’ve had several WFH 9-5 jobs! I think it’s super important to ask about work-life balance in interviews, but you also want to look for subtle things: are any of your peers/interviewers parents? Do they have a parent ERG or similar? I’d really leverage any team interviews to gauge how the org flexibility is overall, and how they handle situations like that.

  33. Always have your resume up to date and be open to other opportunities if you’re in a G&A (HR, Finance, Legal, etc…) role and your company is acquired.

  34. Excellent post and advice. Keep your chin up, and be as cooperative as you can, stay positive, etc. Meanwhile, keep your options open by looking at and applying for other opportunities.

  35. Thanks! The transition work sucks on top of my regular work... who knows maybe once it settles they may need me and I like it? Lol hard but will try to be positive

  36. Thanks for the advice. I do have my resume up to date and have been applying!

  37. Thanks! I am looking again... my company got acquired and is on transition which will take a year or so and it sucks

  38. I want to cry looking at this, poor baby must be in pain and that is definitely not normal. Do not take no for an answer if something is wrong, I hope they're ok. Please seek care asap

  39. That sucks, I'm sorry. Can you stop working the extra hours/being responsive while out of office while you're looking for new work? Or would your old boss still be open to chatting and maybe can help you find a path forward.

  40. I can, maybe I just need to get a feel of things and their culture. My ols boss let me know without saying directly she likely is to be laid off and that if I am not happy, use her as a reference lol

  41. I think a lot of this is just fear of failure. I suffered with imposter syndrome for a long time (still do at times), but realized that I am where I am at in life for a reason.

  42. My brother got a puppy and for probably 4 months would call me everyday and tell me how exhausted he was and how he couldn’t get any work done. Finally I told him “just wait until you have a baby!” And he deadpan tells me he knows for a fact a puppy is harder than a baby……

  43. Lol I remember thinking that when I puppy sat years ago. He was difficult for sure... Hard but babies are another world of hard. Texted my sis it was 100x harder than watching her pup

  44. This exact same thing happened to us! We had friends visit our 4 week old and they texted us on the way home to tell us they decided to be childless. He got a vasectomy a few months later! Cool cool cool.

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