1. I personally have no issue with the performance on console (PS4), the only thing that bugs me is the clunky controls while aiming. Feels like holding a 50 Kilo Brick

  2. Where did you get this from? Patchnotes are kinda broken for me ingame and I couldnt find any details regarding the update on the interwebs

  3. Thats where youre partially wrong, its supposed to be a challenge, not a walk in the park. Tho the AI needs a MASSIVE rework, cause its random as shit.

  4. Its true, I think the countdown ist too long, also i think they should add one or two contraband guns every half an hour/hour while youre playing.

  5. The AI is also inconsistent as hell and sometimes buggy too. Sometimes the miss evety shot for 10 Minutes, then this Rambo AI spawns in amd shoots you through crates, walls, even whole fucking buildings. The Heli-Boss is also imconsistemt as hell, missimg every shot, then just oneshots you. The mode is fun amd i know its just the beta but they have to really do something about this

  6. Its nor really worth it, i thought the video would contain some actual gameplay of mine but its just some numbers :/

  7. Explosive Crossbow, even after the Nerf its just fun and satisfying when you get someone

  8. it blows my mind ppl play these new games on 10yr consoles

  9. So you wanna sponsor me a new Gaming PC then? Shits way too expensive these days and inflation is taking its toll on me so feel free to buy myself a Gamingmachine plssssss

  10. Ah yes, a fellow cultured individual 👌🧐

  11. The only things happening to me on PS4 were that sometimes the quickslot wasnt correct and a couple patches ago it wouldnt let you pick something sometimes but thats gone for me by now

  12. Thats a moment I just love, being up extra early to just see the still sleeping world for a bit, looking at the orange sky and watching the sun rise 💚

  13. The overall package is pretty nice Love the tattoos

  14. Tbh, i like it cause you either have to change position to be effecient or just lay there reloading all day long. But the reload is fast and the dmg and firerate are allright imo.

  15. Yes, although I've never really complained about BFV gun sounds, I do love BF1 gun sounds. I don't think it's bad. But BF2042 has the worst in the entire franchise. The real pea shooters.

  16. Everything in 2042 is the worst of the entire franchise.

  17. I felt like going outside would just "end" me on a trip, i think i trap myself inside too much and try to avoid contact to people idk

  18. A feeling of impending Doom, undending Terror of something you dont understand and just not being able to shut it off or walk away. It felt like i was in a timeloop of which the only escape was death. Thats what a bad trip is for me

  19. Then just go for one Tab. A hundred is where you usually should start but a 120 wont be a big issue

  20. why the f is the Animationquality this good?

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