1. It's just a "haha poop funny" thing imo, because biogas is much better green alternative for fuels, hence why Suzuki is planning to use it

  2. People think anything involving cow dung is a superstition

  3. Bhai JEE Mains mai toh 12th 60% bhi chal jaata hai kuch colleges mai

  4. The layoffs happened only in US yet and they happened around 2AM PST. Calling BS on this one.

  5. LMAO. Bro not from Bihar, but why do people go after Bihar always? Is it really that bad?

  6. Ban the sale of Moongfali in trains. This will reduce the littering by big amount. 🤣🤣

  7. No it doesn't. It only says "Thanks for playing GTA Online between 19th January and 25th January.

  8. i just wanna ask that weather the companey would ask about my past backlog or not in interviews which i already cleared or they would have no idea of my back?

  9. Just clear it dude. It will be more damaging if it isn't cleared. Try not to get a backlog in future semesters.

  10. Default wala hai bhai. Wallpaper change karne mai aalas bohot aata hai

  11. I hope my dad doesn't take any motivation from this

  12. A neat side effect was my ugly handwriting made it impossible for my faculty to make out my obvious syntax errors that came from a lack of autocomplete

  13. Yup I also wrote 4 pages of VHDL code in the end sem exam and for full marks for that question because the teacher couldn't understand writing

  14. VHP-Bajrang Dal are never to be found when you need them. Boycott krwa lo bss chutiyo se

  15. yea but you would never want other cults to take matters in their own hands otherwise things would go messy. It's better if only the police and the govt. retaliates in matters like these.

  16. Omg stop being an angel and go ask for your money.

  17. Yes he is doing the work of municipality for them

  18. Why are guys always hungry for context and never use your own wisdom

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