Emi Martinez celebration for golden glove

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Post Match Thread: Netherlands 2-2 (3-4 Pens) Argentina | FIFA World Cup

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  1. What was weird is that he used a fake PARAGUAYAN passport to enter Paraguay. If any border agent in the world was going to recognize a fake Paraguayan passport...it would be the one in Paraguay.

  2. also Ronaldinho is one of the most famous former footballers and has a very distinct look. How could he think no one was gonna recognise him?

  3. Hamann, but sure dont post basler

  4. Loddar is a bit thick too, but he is kinda oblivious so it's just funny and not annoying.

  5. No one look at the GD column it’s a hoax

  6. I looked at it yesterday and it looked okay, what happened?

  7. Honestly, 5-0 probably edges it because we could have done more but completely switched to just energy conservation at 50 minutes. It had Ronaldo throwing a fit at Curtis Jones, pogba being sent off, it was at their ground, Ronaldo's offside, fergie's face contrasted to King Kenny's. It was even more disrespectful because we then used it as a training ground.

  8. yes but what I really loved this time is how smug they were before the game. They are having their best season in years and just won a trophy. And then they just get humbled and fall apart.

  9. so many slips in that play, did they water the pitch a little too much?

  10. Cotton is pretty quick to deal with tbh, buy a spinnery and the tailor shop to make clothes if you want to make lots of money.

  11. I really like all the Deutz ones with the warrior design, they just look great.

  12. Courseplay is a lifesaver as the stay at home dad taking care of a toddler.

  13. I bet you wish you could use courseplay to take care of your kid.

  14. True! I was trying to figure out a way to automate the plowing. That’s the longest process so far

  15. you can draw a custom field on the map (right click on the second map in the ESC menu) and then let courseplay calculate and drive a route. Just make sure that allow create fields on.

  16. To deactivate the folding, "comment out" the foldable section. Original xml section should look like this

  17. The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. Also, Moo Moo Farm from Mario Kart 64

  18. I'd send those annoying cows straight to the butcher

  19. Yeah but temporary rating isn't everything, especially not with young players after the pandemic and with all the indian youngsters. I would rate Firouzja, Gukesh, Erigasi, Nordibek, Keymer, Prag and Nihal higher than Hans.

  20. The new generation is here.

  21. Change the whole terraform menu, it's just terrible and needs an undo button at least.

  22. And like a confirm button when you place buildings. I dont know how many times I pressed to place by accident.

  23. yeah true and I wish there was some kind of grif or something, kinda difficult to allign buildings nicely. And it's also ridiculous how building create bumps in the terrain

  24. Looks like an outfit the dean in Community would wear

  25. Dammit... I just spit cereal and milk all over my screen...

  26. For real I was never the same after reading that back then

  27. pretty sure covid wouldn't have happened if that tweet hadn't been written.

  28. Who says they’re forced? They’re best friends, they choose to

  29. I’ll be rooting for Aman. I’m watching his Building Habits series and he seems like a pretty decent dude.

  30. Also rooting for Aman, been watching some streams with Lawrence Trent.

  31. Only Lahoz can make such a great match be overshadowed by his shit refereeing

  32. Couldn't believe when he came out with another yellow card during the fucking pens

  33. Tactic is clearly to just drop to the floor asap, take the free foul and free kick and move up the field that way.

  34. This game has gone to complete shit somehow. Ref isn't helping either.

  35. Should I transfer out Bellingham for Saka now that I know he starts?

  36. the way my clean sheets are stolen from me...

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