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  1. Does that legal meth eat your face though? Just wondering, if should I ever medicate would there be a different option?

  2. I know, false advertising. Definitely beautiful music, but the lies...do they cancel it out? Or not?

  3. Inspiration porn isn't inspirational to the people who have disabilities. When we do normal things people wow at us, but when we're doing the work people grumble and tell us we're faking it, make life worse for us by treating us like children who shouldn't have a voice when we're adults, touching our bodies and wheelchairs without consent, implement "fixes" that don't actually help us because no one asks the people who actually use the accommodations, and assume that we should get pay cuts because "we're not working at capacity like everyone else" when it's employer trying to take advantage for their own gain and make themselves look good to other abled people, and talking over us or talking to our abled loved ones instead of us while assuming we don't have the brain capacity to think for ourselves.

  4. I'm so glad. Thank you for being our new mods. I was sad to be bullied about not being bullies and at other times to have people constantly asking questions that sounded like they were taking stock for unsolicited research surveys. I couldn't put my finger on what was tinging my radar with those posts, but someone told me to go with my gut and report them next time. It's so hard not getting things or not knowing where to go with them. I've got happy tears from the new support potential from new mods.

  5. I wasn't completely sure if I was autistic until I took these

  6. A lot of people don't have the right mindset for parenthood, and that is okay for those who choose not to involve themselves in parenthood. I've seen people who really should have had children bring them into this world and they screw their children over. And then there's people like my dad who had infinite patience, limited finances, and yet was able to raise me on his own.

  7. @calebsaysthings: Every city has a "guy" they all know about. You can visit a friend in their town and see a man dressed in robes, riding a horse & your friend will go "Oh yeah, haha that's horseback Jesus" and then that's just the end of the explanation.

  8. We had this guy called blue Jesus because he wore everything blue and had long blue hair. The number of guys nicknamed "[descriptor] Jesus" seems to be a very long list. And yet none of them act like Jesus, just resembles the common stereotypical description of what people think he looks like, which was based off some middle aged European that looks like a cross between a hippie and a surfer, instead of the reality which would be a golden skinned middle aged Middle Eastern man.

  9. As a teacher, I can tell you who my least favorite parents are every year on day one.

  10. I grew up with my dad as my only parent. When I had to fill out an application for college I had to answer what something about at what education level was your parents. I asked my dad and apparently my mom and him were relatively illiterate, they'd never made it through elementary.

  11. IQ is kinda like dick size, if you feel the need to keep mentioning it, chances are it’s a lot less impressive than you think

  12. The only time I think it's appropriate to talk about is when I found out I had above average intelligence after growing up with straight Ds in school. Apparently I grew up with an undiagnosed learning disability that no one noticed because I was always the quiet one but did their homework. When I learned what my IQ, I cried because for the longest time I thought I was stupid and didn't get things that were so easy for everyone else.

  13. My cat who rode (IN HIS CARRIER FOR CHRISSAKES) across the country as we moved, with no screaming and no "accidents" has a perfect record of puking in the car on every single vet visit he's been to.

  14. What in the hillbilly hell is this version of The Imperial March!?

  15. So wait, the one illegal thing they did was not bring the firearms from the car to the station or am I reading this all wrong?

  16. Seems like from all I read and watched, most of the illegal actions were found after the fact of their arrest by detectives. The one that the cops relied on was them walking threatening into the Police Station. Though it’s a common misconception that police stations only have cops in them, I am not an exception to this error; according to the hearing's judge, there are "civilians" who work in a police station as well as the cops. I'm going to assume they're talking about judges, lawyers and their assistants, clerks, ride along people, witnesses, maybe family members, or any others I can't think of right now who are might be in the building at any time and would potentially caught in any crossfire if it may happen. So all of them might have thought they were all endangered by [the now convicts'] actions, as well as the cops, which seemed to be the main concern of the cops who were trying to disarm [the now convicts].

  17. Thanks. I did end up reading about that. I guess I'm sort of perplexed about what they did that would allow the police to get a search to find all that shit. Looks like the only thing I can think of is the concealed weapon charge, which was for their car having a gun without a case- which they'd gotten a ticket for earlier in the day, so I'm still unsure what was technically illegal that led to the search, since that charge didn't lead to it in the first place.

  18. Nope, I was talking about police stations not courthouses. You'd think that people might come in, not as often as a courthouse, but they might be there for official reasons, might have politicking happen too.

  19. No...seemed risky. Could have been charged with assault maybe or blackmailed or robbed after. Discussed maybe taking one of my roommates as body guard tho and paying like 1k lol.

  20. Sounds like it could have been human trafficking trap as well. Probably best you didn't go.

  21. It’s because of jaws, and the discovery and travel channel…they are just fish. They want to eat seals, human attacks are mistakes; that’s why most are survived and the ones that aren’t are usually a single bite that resulted in too much blood loss. People should be way more terrified of plenty of of other animals that walk right up to your front door. You clearly know, but want to spread the word! Their populations have sunk 99% since the 70’s and media is responsible!

  22. Humans are more dangerous and we should be more wary of them than sharks.

  23. We all really don't have our shit together, especially auties, until we're more into our 40s because we mature a little slower than others because we're masking so hard and we don't get things as quickly as others, but it is still hard even after you hit your middle age because life is still hard. But that just means that, you can only do what you can do with what you have.

  24. GRYFFINDOR: Good morning! What adventures await us today?

  25. That reminds me of those marvellous sculptures that could capture sheer cloth draped over faces in stone. Delicate & stunning.

  26. Except that this is a piece of plastic instead of a sheer cloth, and if anyone in real life wore plastic over their head, especially over their face like this they would be committing suicide because they would have a face of horror if someone else was doing this to them and they didn't want to die.

  27. I'm not getting a suicidal ideation vibe from this painting.

  28. Putting plastic on your face will stop you from breathing. She doesn't look like she's trying to take it off but is passive allowing it to be held over her face. So yes, it has a suicidal ideation vibe.

  29. I think so. The episode he was in was in 1964, which would be around 59 yrs ago.

  30. I think she was in the safest position possible regarding everything that happened. The wooden bench she was on broke the glass as it blasted through and the tree root planter too the impact. The wooden bench also prevented the couch from impacting her. Luckiest thing ever.

  31. Looks like her head hit the back of one of the couch cushions which popped away from the metal couch frame and away from her and then the cushion popped back against the metal frame again.

  32. One of the things I had to do once I was disabled wasn't able to move around and even exercise in ways which would greatly effect my body, I realized that I could try so many things to change my diet, do all the physical things, but I read that stress causes you to gain weight especially focusing on your weight. Basically your mental health effects your physical health a lot more than we have been taught in our society because it pays big to get people insecure about their body image, especially people who are female presenting.

  33. This means you stand at the border of the abyss and if you don't turn around you will drown.

  34. Sorry, if you hear that too much. I really didn't think about that when I posted it, that you might hear that a lot and are sooo over it, all I can say is I have insomnia brain and there's a disconnect sometimes with putting two and two together.

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