1. $$$ is the main reason for pushing it for sure. For the vast majority of people it's just a little more info on standards on how the judging side operates.

  2. Worldwide competition with a designated each workout that you get scored and use to compete against others.

  3. Both were powerplay goals to make it even more unlikely

  4. It was hard to beat how awkward they were crammed behind the desk, but then standing in the studio takes the cake

  5. Hey, yall gotta best the Cowboys before you worry about the Giants taking us down

  6. Dude has 9ers flair, he only wants the Giants to win so the championship game is easier for them.

  7. Really? No way I possibly could have guessed that

  8. I don't know the details of the Twitter vote, but how did it compare to the website? You could vote for your same set of people 10x per day

  9. Yes, you'll be eligible for loot (both drops and trades) on every other boss.

  10. Just a small correction, when you zone into a mythic raid in progress you are not immediately locked, you receive a pop-up warning you and asking you to confirm that you wish to join the lockout

  11. I don't know the answer. I do know I used to hit the 5 am classes and my buddies would go later and add 5 lbs to beat me. One time my friend put 0.1 lbs over my weight because he said he added chalk to the bar. Funniest shit I've ever seen.

  12. Gonna start bringing a kitchen scale to class to weight the amount of chalk I use

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