Melvin used Archegos to distract you and survive another day.

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  1. Sorry for my smoothness but throughout your post you seem to talk about puts and shorts as if they are the same thing? Like Melvin buying puts made them somehow short shares? Woudn't puts just expire worthless?

  2. Apologies, only meant that by holding massive puts against Viac, Melvin was "short" in that he was positioned to profit from its fall. 13F don't report short sales, so it's not something you can gather from them.

  3. Any shiny without significant colour change is kinda a let down.

  4. Nah, next Pokemon secret reveal that they've all had hidden infrared and ultraviolet patterns that trainers can only see after scanning with the updated Pokedex. The patterns have meaning, and could explain much. The boring shiny turn out to have bonkers rave coloring.

  5. I'm not 100% sure thats true, I think the UK govt, cynically in my opinion, but due to our close links with banks and our banking friendly policy in the last 10 years.. part of me thinks that brexit was actually pre-empting this very crisis. Like cutting off a gangrenous leg at the thigh to try and save yourself.

  6. London finance is/was the dirtiest place in international finance. It was the longtime favorite of Russian, Saudi, and Chinese oligarchs wanting to quietly funnel money into Western markets. Brexit occurred in response to EU attempts to clean up finance. Massive funding went into a rightwing disinformation program to convince people to reject the facts.

  7. I know alot of ppl speculating about the new RC tweet. I think china=icahn has been figured out. But now it's "Neo Hao" and someone said Hao means "well" in chinese. Neo Well=New Well. and now I see Newell website goes down and a new job posting about baby brand. BOOM!

  8. Shacklebolt is a profession based surname like Bridger or Smith. It's the name for a family that worked in law enforcement or ran a jail. It's perfect for a pure blood British Auror.

  9. When will the realization come there are children's card games currently operating on Blockchain that settle trades faster, cheaper, and with more security than the US stock market? Instant settlement, fees less than a penny, and ETH level security.

  10. How do we solve the synthetic prime brokerage relationships, as exposed by Archegos' implosion? This "family fund" was able to hide a share exposure to major companies like Discovery and Viacom of over 50%?

  11. I was in the consumer packaged goods business for a very long time. History shows that it is NEVER a good idea to pick a retailer to sell exclusively with. Walmart is a great retailer but so is Target, Kroger, Publix, Safeway, Costco, etc. Hoping exclusivity was done just for the launch and not for more than 6 months.

  12. Then you should know that Walmart gives tremendous incentives to exclusives, and is far and away the most valuable retailer to work with.

  13. After seeing it two times I still have no idea what this clip is about. I’ll moonwalk my dumbass to the next sub.

  14. River fishing in an aluminum boat, schools of fish will do the same thing against the hull as people are doing with their hands here.

  15. Radiators don't always follow left loose/ right tight. This cap works either way, and you're meant to color code it on installation. Generally you put a dot of white paint under open and another under the corresponding arrow.

  16. Wasn't it revealed (or maybe just speculated) that Valyrian steel had dragonglass in it?

  17. Obsidian (dragon glass) is created by the rapid cooling of highly viscous felsic volcanic material.

  18. Yes, Vanguard is lending their shares. No, it's not an evil conspiracy against retail where they choose to lend the shares while giving the middle finger to Apes. The ETF / MF conditions dictate if they buy or sell or lend.

  19. Ok, so, maybe I'm behind on the FTX stuff, but I feel like I've yet to see it explicitly stated that the FTX/crypto debacle is direcly impactful to GME. Some connections and suggestions have been made, and have been pretty compelling, likening this to today's MBS crash and the associated contagion. And it seems likely that the fraudulent GME coins were used to short GME itself with impunity. But where does it go from there?

  20. Imo the focus on GME tokens is a total red herring. FTX was a Ponzi scheme that specialized in packaging fake investments with shiny crypto wrapping paper. It's not surprising at all that they would try to take in money from the meme stock craze, and issue nothing more than a CFD to their customer. That was literally how FTX handled the majority of customer transactions.

  21. Cost to borrow is walking down because AMC almost popped, and lenders have been warned off exorbitant fees unless they want to get blamed for MOASS. Prime Brokers declare (or threaten) disorderly markets and everyone is forced to back off. They're greedy, but this is the same sense of M.A.D. that keeps them from ever buying each other in on FTD.

  22. A LEGO version of The Oasis, starting with a LOTR based LEGO MMORPG that fills the same niche as WoW or Final Fantasy. Soon followed by Star Wars. Ultimately pulls in the Master Builder LEGO movie concept of collecting/earning/owning all the pieces & plans, including DC's Batman (who is already all up in NFT).

  23. Dude. Star Wars ships, weapons, worlds and characters! It will be insane!

  24. For sure. Wait until you throw in their efforts through technic, but more importantly the recent LEGO EDUCATION K-8 programs to accomplish childhood stem education.

  25. Everything Short showed how Citadel uses Palafox trading to massively short Treasury bonds.

  26. That is exactly what that other ape uploaded in the video about LEGO and epic

  27. Can't vote shares that are on loan. Blackrock has been voting their shares.

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