1. Thank you for all of the info and your experience. I just got my prescription and will start my loading today for the two days and then my injections. I am looking forward to seeing more aggressive results. I went to a weight loss clinic to help me with accountability to lose 66 pounds, the first month so far I lost 11 pounds but wanted to get better results faster. I check in weekly so I think I will have an easier time coming off the diet than I have historically in the past. Thank you again for your post!

  2. My advice... follow the original protical 100%. Do not deviate.

  3. Momentum’s blow the AirPods out of the water if we’re talking sound quality alone. I tried the AirPods Max at the Apple Store and they came nowhere near my momentum 3s. If you wanna feel and get lost in the music, go Sennheiser.

  4. Yeah I've had the 3 almond a year... They're unbelievable and from what I've read the new 4 aren't any better ane cheaper made / plastic pieces etc

  5. Ya stay away from the 4s. I actually seen them in person couple days ago at my local BestBuy, although I couldn’t get the sound going for some reason, Sennheiser really missed the mark on its look. They look way to generic for a Sennheiser can whereas the momentum 3s still carry that unique, old school Sennheiser look. The 4s look like Sonys and Bose lol. Glad to read you like the 3s, they truly are a wonderful set of cans. People really like fussing about the ANC/mic features nowadays when it comes to headphones but in my opinion, sound > all.

  6. Yes exactly music sounds is all that matters with at least a bit of noise cancelation.

  7. How much actual traveling have you done with this setup?

  8. 100% possible and not all that hard if one is comfortable with 20L or less.

  9. I wish it ended many years ago.. kinda boring after Rick left.

  10. More like this concept is too far advanced for you and almost everyone else.

  11. Exactly my point. It's way beyond your comprehension.

  12. Google Fi allows you to forward your calls to another (US) number. After setting call forwarding up, you may turn off roaming so that only the other number rings when you get an incoming call.

  13. I'm not looking to string a bunch of things together was hoping I could simply call from data like their free Google Voice does from anywhere in the world USA number to USA number

  14. Thanks. That's good for making calls. My main concern is receiving calls and texts. They could come anytime when I'm not in the Wifi range.

  15. What kinda phone do you have?

  16. What if I only use Fi for calls and use a different sim for data.

  17. How do you wash? I'm assuming you can't use a dryer with those. Do you ever wash clothes in the sink and then press out moisture with towel, then hang overnight? What is the hang-dry time on merino wool?

  18. Hey! The best and fastest option is changing your number! Here's how to do it -

  19. Hi The_Eagle_13, thanks for reaching out. Ty here - the Head of Support at OpenPhone. I'm so sorry to hear about the issues that you experienced with OpenPhone. Although I can't make it right, I'm happy to clarify some of your questions.

  20. Hi there! My name is Christina and I'm a part of the Marketing team here at OpenPhone.

  21. What happens if you pay for the full year and you encounter lots of problems, will you give a prorated refund?

  22. Hi there! Daryna here, one of the founders. Please send a note to our Support team to check this out -

  23. I think it's inevitable to eventually get your # listed as spam right?

  24. Hi there 👋 that’s a great question, and I can totally understand how a new user can feel a bit apprehensive when seeing a number of posts talk about their accounts getting blocked.

  25. yup just got home from work will send it over in a few. thank you

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