1. Calicocutpants.com that’s got nothing to do with piss

  2. my favourite album, But very hard to find a vynil copy ;((

  3. In my experience the stability is great at midsized companies but the salary has a lower ceiling.

  4. Love Strung Out, Element of Sonic Defiance is flawless. So many good albums to be honest.

  5. Took my 8 year old to the last tour In Pittsburgh. He had an awesome time and everyone was so kind to him! I highly recommend it if they are into Coheed.

  6. Flying solo to the Cleveland show. Holler if yall want to grab a beer. So stoked.

  7. I saw them open for Lamb of God back when New Bermuda came out. Super dope.

  8. I’m a dad and I have a van so I’d say that works too lol

  9. This is the exact question I ask QA candidates with no experience. Give me detailed steps to make a Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich.

  10. Workbench vice on the lower one, channel locks on the top or even smack with a hammer?

  11. "Let me think about girls and money and new clothes"

  12. Should’ve said something like “Now, that’s what I call Unholy Life!”

  13. Software engineer, remote. Company based in California. Worked at a few Cleveland shops prior

  14. Right? I'm not even allowed to burn my garage and human waste in my own back yard anymore!

  15. I have this perfect pile of tires I’m not allowed to burn!

  16. Amazing the hate fans for decades are getting for something they have no control of. I honestly pray your teams don’t sign someone like Watson, lord know I didn’t expect the browns to do it.

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