1. Yes, it Probably says so in your lease as well. Every apartment complex I’ve ever lived at has stated they will tow vehicles with out of date inspections.

  2. Counter question: when’s the last time you called someone to check on them no strings attached?

  3. Well I mean if your talking old trucks ya that cobalt is safer. New trucks on the other hand way safer then that cobalt

  4. I’ll buy a giant truck or SUV every single time for my families safety. I wish I didn’t have to but I’m not putting my family in danger by driving a tin can just to make a point that all trucks bad.

  5. Nothing makes me immediately hate leadership more than a blanket punishment. Like I don't even hate the dude who's the reasoned it happened most fucking times, it just makes me lose respect for the person dishing it out

  6. RIP my kids respect for me. I don’t know who shit in the playhouse sink, nor do I know who pissed in the corner, so they both get the time out.

  7. Why does it say police in English everywhere?

  8. Lmao you think I can do some kind of targeted pass?

  9. This parenting is softer than a tempurpedic. Next time make him finish the plunge.

  10. I’d rather have diarrhea than see my in laws

  11. Might not be the case. Dementia gets people to do fucked up things.

  12. Read the article. He had convictions going back decades.

  13. My 3080 12gb pushes 144 fps so rarely that I actually could give a fuck less as long as I’m at at least 50. I literally do not notice.

  14. I must be an idiot because I’d pay 400 for this.

  15. I’m at 300 and kinda only know how to play

  16. I don't know but it really pisses me and my sister off. That's the reason we had a low-key wedding.

  17. I'd kms bro. I've got kids too... just way less than 10

  18. To be honest I'm not sure, maybe a bit of both

  19. When my wife first started to declutter toys I kid you not I thought about multiple times as a kid when my mom decluttered and threw away what I remember to be some of my favorite toys. It’s weird that as a grown man I get actually sad when throwing my kids toys away. I wonder if your husband feels something similar.

  20. A look at the map shows they’re still pretty damn far away. I’d say a few other operations are between Ukraine and liberating Crimea.

  21. The issue is that if Ukraine reaches the outskirts if Crimea they can easily hit the bridge and all the military bases on the peninsula. Including the naval base.

  22. Still, they seem to be quiet a ways away from even the outskirts. Either way I’m rooting for them!

  23. Get your windows key off of G2A. I’ve purchased 3 keys for ~$35 each, 1 Home and 2 Pros.

  24. https://www.microsoft.com/software-download/windows11

  25. Look into IT. A few Comptia certifications and you can get an IT job with your clearance. Clearance is a shortcut to being well payed in IT. The certifications can be self taught.

  26. You need hobbies if you’ve got time to bitch about this.

  27. I was trying so hard to finish the book until I finally learned about its reputation from Reddit and stopped about halfway through. Thank you Reddit, though I wish you saved me sooner.

  28. The book was not entertaining. Per my previous comment, it was a tough one. Now fuck off.

  29. That a Samsung? Those are expensive. You can get a knock off replacement that looks the same and works well off of Amazon.

  30. I had one of those. As a child I’d joke with her that she marked her territory by throwing up on things. Eventually she became a vodka mom because it makes her vomit less

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