1. I don’t like 1:48 so probably none. I know 1:32 would be a bit large but I like that scale.

  2. Yeah, never been one to watch any of Ian’s Larry Vickers stuff. Guy’s always made me uneasy with some of the offhand comments he makes. Come to think of it, when someone on YouTube makes me feel deeply uneasy something usually comes out about them being shitty in some way shape or form.

  3. My grandmother’s family is from BC. Or as she put it “up in the country.”

  4. Yeah, I did my family tree a couple years ago and found that I had no relatives that were born outside NC until 1725.

  5. Yeah, I can’t say I’m closely related to any of the above mentioned families that I’m aware of 🤔

  6. that's a common opinion tbh with most guns now being synthetic and a upgraded version being cerakote & camo. a blue and wooded gun is either seen as Fudd shit or 'too nice' for field use

  7. Ironic considering camo shitbox 870s are the fuddliest of guns. I’d never buy a camo anything if I can help it, shit looks terrible. I’d rattle can or cerakote an AR so it isn’t absorbing heat, but that’s about it.

  8. I point you to that one time where we did ban it and what happened directly after as a good example of why we shouldn't ban it, nor should be we ban most other drugs (see the big push for legal cannabis that has broad support).

  9. Oh yea 100% I see what you are saying but, it’s 50$. The guy got it at a LGS put 2 boxes of 00 buck through it and it’s been in a closet since

  10. Fair enough, $50 isn’t a huge loss by any means if it happens to hold up. That makes more sense than the $250 I assumed 🤔

  11. I’ll still end up getting a decent one but for the price might as well have snagged this one and if it hold up great I’ve only got 50$ in it. I do like the mossberg 88’s the best out of all the ones I’ve been looking at, I think PSA has them for 249 atm

  12. Can’t blame you there, here’s hoping it’s a pleasant surprise of a gun!

  13. I’ve only built a couple of HVBCs (High Velocity Battlecruisers) and they’re nice when they start far off. The tricky part is torpedoes, accidentally closing to within enemy range, and a tendency for lucky hits to do a ton of damage. Still fun to play with though!

  14. “You forget yourself, Master Windu. You also appear to have forgotten your trousers.”

  15. My mindset is that you give everyone a basic level of respect at the least until they prove themselves not to be worth it. So if someone identifies a certain way I’ll do my best to accommodate them. Even if I don’t like them there’s no basis for antagonizing someone over identity. Do it based on character instead.

  16. I wasn’t the biggest fan of the build itself, but the finished product feels nice 👌

  17. Regardless of how this ends up, Hasboro isn’t getting another dime of mine if I can help it.

  18. Dude that is a SU-75 Checkmate! Cool.

  19. I can no longer bear my flair, whatever supreme fucking mouthbreather made that bot account deserves it far more.

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