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  1. I mean I did Valtan's wolf a hundred times and a bit more, even in Inferno.

  2. TBH I don't even look at the counter because sometimes it lies if the HP bar is stuck on the wrong wolf. I just keep the person in front of me on my screen while kiting my orb, and after they grab theirs I grab mine.

  3. "The Great Firewall of China" is a fairly widespread phrase though.

  4. That's what I was thinking. Might be new to OP though, and in fairness I think it's pretty clever despite not having a clue who coined the phrase.

  5. Your eyes need slightly more disdain for the player's poor skills, but otherwise spot on.

  6. Let's make daddy's law firm famous and make it impossible for them to hold their profitable corporate clients.

  7. If anything, this will only give them an increase in profitable corporate clients.

  8. That's true of soldiers that have actually seen combat. The military isn't entirely made up of combatants, there's plenty of desk and security jobs that enlisted people end up in for their entire career.

  9. Haven't seen floorslingers but absolute troll zerkers. Don't know what it is with that class.

  10. It's an insanely popular melee class with huge animation locks. Because of its popularity you see more Zerkers in general, and the animation locks only become a real problem once you start getting to actually difficult content. By then, most players have already sunk so much time and resources into the class that they just keep playing it, but don't have the skillset required to make it work so they end up getting smacked around until they suck floor.

  11. They should make PSU's and GPU's with two massive screw terminals so we can just run 10 gauge Romex to the damn thing

  12. There’s good Mormons, and bad Mormons. It’s the choices people make individually that decide that.

  13. I have been doing research on it for a while but I just never am super confident in my abilities to play well. I made a previous post on Reddit about how I played support from the begging and how it taught me bad habits. Pally has no back/head attack advantage (outside of counter/stagger check), it's very tanky so I often eat mechanics or hits I shouldn't, and it's also mid range/slow APM. All the things most DPS are not. So Its just intimidating and I didn't want to be a floor tank XD. I do have my deadeye at 1370 but just been using him as a bus rider for gold sadly.

  14. I started the game as an Arti main, but EW Deadeye was my first alt that I really focused.

  15. Why not Adrenaline? Just avoid the autocrit tripods on red skills and then you can actually get decent mileage out of the crit rate increase. Shackle at the end of blue rotation so you have it for your non-autocritting red skills.

  16. Pinnacle builds don't typically run any Crit precisely because of those tripods. Without reallocating secondary stats you'd be looking at about 25% crit rate between Adrenaline and LWC card set which is a far cry from normally guaranteed crits.

  17. WTF is their obsession with children and sexuality?

  18. Honest to God, if she is still a dependent, then how does she think this is going to reflect on her spouse? It will fall on their head as soon as they find out. Which they will. She's lucky they didn't pull weapons on her.....what she just did is insane.

  19. This video is pretty old, and the posted version is only a fraction of the full thing.

  20. YES! Supporting a black candidate makes an entire party racist.

  21. Supporting a black candidate for no other reason than so you can have a token black guy in your party that you can point to and say “See? We’re not racist” is, in itself, racist.

  22. Well, I have black friends and I went to a black church on Easter and I gave some money to an HBCU and I joined

  23. Obviously not every single person that identifies with a political party is going to fall under a generalization of said party, but those with any sort of influence are definitely backing this guy for the wrong reasons.

  24. People will swear up and down it's a gimmick online even after people show them videos of folks on Steam Controller wrecking people/popping off in Aim Lab lol. The whole Halo Infinite aim assist debate was so frustrating to me knowing that we wouldn't be having the discussion if console games stopped kneecapping themselves by ignoring gyro controls

  25. I think the main problem is that gyro isn’t really straightforward or intuitive. Incredibly effective with practice, sure, but initially it just feels floaty and weird.

  26. I feel like you have to be dense to think there is not a huge disparity even with aim assist lmao. If you're losing to a console player with aim assist, that's pretty shameful. I'm not good by any means but hands down, kb/mouse will dominate a console aim assist player.

  27. This is really dependent on the game. Halo Infinite’s movement speed combined with its hyper aggressive aim assist has lead to average controller players’ hit percentage being on par with the top 10% of KBM players.

  28. so let amazon and ags come out and say that if you don't have great hardware and connection we don't want you playing free mmo, and that they purposefully designed a raid in such a way that it can't be cleared by a huge chunk of their players no matter how much they try, while they very clearly do know how to design raids better judging from valtan+vykas.

  29. I run ice turtle on all my characters that are eligible, but I really dislike the fight.

  30. My thoughts is either it's a used laptop form a family member, or some guy at best buy just made a killing of a commission.

  31. Funnily enough Best Buy employees don’t make commission, which thankfully does help stop ridiculous upselling like this. Instead they’re pushed more to sell addons and Geek Squad services whenever somebody buys something remotely expensive.

  32. Having experience doesn't mean this experience is good or not. We all know EA can be the greatest jerk in the industry and a lot of their recent game were badly receive. We'll see what they offer us in MH-like game but EA is still one of worst studio right now. Their reputation is tarnished and they need to do something about it and I doubt MH-like game will bring them on the light side

  33. The sad part is they don’t “need” to do anything.

  34. Honestly they aren't bad cars, it's mostly a meme. The issue is that they have one of the lowest "horsepowers per dollar" of any car. Combine rear wheel drive and dumb impulsive drivers who buy it because it's cheap for the amount of power your getting and you get dumb shit like this video.

  35. While this holds more true today, THIS particular generation of Mustang, the S197, was the most faithful to the pony cars of old for better and for worse.

  36. I dont really have saved passwords (I use a manager for that) I'm mostly worried about extensions and bookmarks

  37. I would say the upfront interface (tabs, bookmarks, extensions etc.) is 90% identical between Chrome and Firefox. It would likely take next to no time to adjust if you’re happy with the vanilla experience.

  38. I don't think I ever fought them in world (or at least don't remember) but I always had trouble with them in previous games because of how easy their body parts bounced weapons

  39. They were fine in World, honestly they didn't really have that armor mechanic there.

  40. Toxicity between Kazeros and Agaton is just standard ops nowadays (quite unfortunately so); shit talking, afking, and whatever else just gets worse with each and every day, for the pettiest of reasons.

  41. How does toxicity between servers even begin in a game like this?

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