1. “DJ scrim on that 808” is one of scrims many producer tags he uses in his beats he makes

  2. Vpn doesn’t work with spotify though right

  3. Found some info on a website: "Keep in mind that the real Cookies brand only sells half gram carts, so if you see a full gram cart it is fake."Source:

  4. This is not true. Cookies makes full gram disposables you can purchase directly from their Cookies CBD website. We carry them in our store purchased straight from cookies website included with full COAs… that being said, those pictured above are fake for sure

  5. That's awesome, do you think you could send pictures of the legitimate disposables. That way we can try to have pictures of the legit ones in comparison to the fake ones? Either way thanks for the input, this is why you can't take everything as absolute. Thank you!

  6. Absolutely. I will be at my store romorrow. Will dm u pics

  7. Gotcha, all good. Well for starters, you know about their partnership with Leafly, correct?

  8. How does that make them bad? Genuinely curious, not trying to sound like a dick

  9. This looks crazy good! What's the name of the shop over there? I got some family who lives in that area.

  10. This has been a reputable brand since the beginning

  11. Hopefully mines come with a free tour shirt!!! Haven’t gotten a tracking number or anything

  12. In same boat as you… buddy down the street got his weeks ago

  13. Go to a legitimate dispensary in recreational states and ask for a cake cart. They gonna laugh at you homie

  14. Tbh bro kinda right with what he sayin, I live around lacombe where the lil bro and them be, he doesn’t have a good rep to people. He got in a fender bender with someone I know and he jumped out the car sayin “do you know who I am” type shit. Lame….

  15. Looks amazing!!! How long was your wait? And what % Tint are you running all around?

  16. 5% all sides, 50% front and back, and a week and a half, I was going in to put cash down on a sport coming in November, I get in there, they offered me 5k more than I expected on trade in. Next day they call and lmk someone backed out on their deposit on this touring and because of insane trade in $, I went up and swapped to this and it was being delivered a week later

  17. Does the dealership give you a option for tint or is it all after market?

  18. My b yeah I do but I haven’t gotten an update with shipping since the original email on the 5th so nothing there

  19. Read our sidebar for a list of our rules because we ban peope for this.

  20. Oops sorry about that. Wasn’t meaning it for advertisement, just was excited and wanted to share. Please feel free to take down if needed

  21. Hey fellas, super excited to share this with y’all! Last Friday we opened our D8 “dispensary” in Mississippi “Top Shelf Canna” we wanted to bring to the table quality brands we all here know are legitimate with full panel/lab tests, and to give people a better understanding on why to stay away from buying D8 etc from gas stations and stores alike! If anyone is in the local area please stop by we would love to see everyone! We’re super excited!!

  22. Definitely will be visiting when I’m back in town.

  23. Would love to have ya, lmk when you come who you are!

  24. Yes and HHC, released last week for wholesale purchases. And they are phenomenal! Highly recommend the flavor is top notch. We have invoices/COAs to show it is legitimate cookies product

  25. WhT did you use/buy to chrome delete the window trim?

  26. I have the whole video starting from the beginning of the speech all the way through the last song ending. It’s like a 8min long video. I need to upload it to youtube

  27. Do you have any updates on how this went? I’m dealing with the same issue from Kemper, I have $550 dollars worth of my own money spent on a rental and their suppose to reimburse me. I’ve sent the receipts to my adjusters email (never gets back to me it’s been two weeks) and any time i call the claims department they say they will leave a note for the adjuster and supervisor to get in touch with me. This is a continues issue every day…..

  28. Bro I haven’t gotten my merch from this drop yet. When did yours come??

  29. I haven’t gotten any updated tracking or anything

  30. Which song has her voicemail¿

  31. The show at Nola was their best one yet!

  32. They always do special things at their Nola shows it’s incredible, they threw out rare merch to everyone. Played for their grandmother. So special

  33. Bro what shit was electric, people literallt jumping from the sections to get in the floor, whole Pit floor turned into a huge mosh pit at one point

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