1. Also, it doesn’t seem like the game will let people backfill the new dungeon, which extends the queue time even further. Did it on three different characters yesterday and had someone leave after 1-3 bosses and not be replaced each time.

  2. Same. We had do the last boss without a tank the other day lol. Was actually kinda fun.

  3. Hmmm… are there any where you could hear your own voice with sidetone off?

  4. my current headset is a closed back one, but the velor earcovers allow me to hear my own voice still.

  5. More importantly, why can't the Nightborne, who had their entire city held hostage by demons, be fucking demon hunters? Just let me be a goddamn nightborne demon hunter, damn it.

  6. Because all playable demon hunters predate the fall of Suramar, they couldn’t have the same starting experience. I’m sure at some point Blizzard will do what they did for DK’s and expand race options with a different starting experience.

  7. This was probably the most hands-down interview of a multibillion-dollar-company in the history of interviews, maybe ever

  8. It was truly one of the interviews that I've ever seen.

  9. Get a Röde Videomic GO II, and use wired headphones through it's monitor output, using Röde Central you can set the monitor level and general computer output.

  10. Why would it need to be bluetooth? Why not just a USB wireless receivier.

  11. Click on it, and then click on the refresh button in the

  12. Hey come to Canada, you’ll be ok here. I’m so sorry you have to go through this

  13. Honestly, I have a hard time believing that they won’t still vote for Desantis over Biden.

  14. More likely they’d just stay home or do a protest vote for a third party or write-in.

  15. It costs almost $500 to title and plate a car in Illinois, plus massive sticker fees every single year. The personal property tax in MO isn't so bad.

  16. Don’t you need to be an Illinois resident though?

  17. back in the raid he was huge. wonder how huge the storm eater will be. wonder what actually ll kill him. can't be a normal weapon made out of iron XD

  18. That's because we weren't fighting him in the raid, it was a N'zoth vision.

  19. I want the old anchor point then... how can I get it back?

  20. Do you have dynamic cam turned on/off when you didn’t before?

  21. I didn't change any settings personally... what is dynamic cam?

  22. Why is this still being debated? Like this isn't the stone age ffs.

  23. This shouldn’t even be controversial… the shithole states can still ban gay marriages if they want, all this means is that they have to honor marriages made in other states.

  24. spot on. when GWB was in office there was almost weekly anti-war protests from the left that constantly labeled GWB as a nazi.

  25. I think the difference is that George W. Busch's bad decisions usally seem to come from stupidity, whereas Trump's actions all stem from pure malice.

  26. Because some people vote for the candidate, not the party?

  27. because it would be a metrolink line built directly between black neighborhoods to white neighborhoods and white people in st. louis do not want that

  28. Crazy thought: maybe it’s about safety and crime rates.

  29. crazy thought: the blacks are not going to storm out of north city to steal your VCR and hop on the metrolink

  30. Why are you making everything about race?

  31. Yea it would really do the Biden admin a ton of good to legalize federally… without that or something similarly popular he’ll have a hard time beating Trump in ‘24 I’m afraid

  32. It’s not up to Biden, he needs red votes to make it happen.

  33. To be fair, I’m not a fan of him. But I don’t dislike him enough to consider voting red.

  34. So how many people think election pollsters are snake oil salesmen?

  35. Honestly it’s not surprising at all. There are two ways that I have received polls:

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