1. That must be their standard intro box. Its pretty much the same as I received 2 years ago when I first signed up.

  2. It’s definitely a May 2021 base box. These were all items from that month.

  3. I just got my boxycharm box today. I had signed up for the base box with a 50% off code.

  4. That’s a May base box with gift from 2021 if I remember correctly. Was the insert card with theme and items list in the box?

  5. Maybe it’s just the max of items you can review this month? I don’t know about you but it’s incredibly irritating when someone reviews an item they didn’t even get. “Would have loved to get this!” Or my favorite was on the shadow moon eyeliner and shadow tool…”held its self in place not too sticky on face!” Ummmm there isn’t even any adhesive on that tool you have to hold it. So maybe finally they are making it so people don’t just make fake reviews. Just a guess. Not saying that’s what you are doing… just wondering if they put a cap on the number of items you can review each month.

  6. There is a limit per month. It’s based on how many items are in your box.

  7. Mine is still on the way. Tracking hasn’t updated since the 13th and it was only 4 hrs away then. No clue where it’s at.

  8. Have you tried running the tracking number through DHL? A lot of my bags from Ipsy would start with DHL and then be handed off to USPS. Earlier this year I had a month where DHL didn't scan my bag until they handed off to USPS. The tracking sat at "En Route to DHL" for 2 or 3 weeks before they scanned it and then 2 hrs after that scan it was scanned in at my local USPS distribution center (USPS tracking didn't update until DHL gave them the package).

  9. As much as people complain about Fedex, it was easier for me to track with it than DHL or Pitney. On Saturday I got my Boxycharm premium but USPS said it was from Ipsy 🤷 Ipsy is always listed as Saddle Creek for me and Boxycharm was always from Boxycharm. Not sure if this means anything.

  10. I was surprised to see this on my doorstep the other day. Boxycharm never sent the promised notification. The website still has its status as "shipping" not "shipped." Meanwhile I have also received my Drop Shop orders and they're still on "ordered." The only shipping notification I received was from FedEx for the Drop Shop order I received today. No notifications for the other 2 deliveries.

  11. The lip injection gloss has Capsicum frutescens in it (chili pepper). That’s what causing the tingling.

  12. I ordered this box but they never shipped it. In fact i orders a lot from boxy charm on 6/7 that is still listed as order placed

  13. Monthly boxes can take up to 15 days to leave their warehouse. If you ordered on the June 7th, it should ship around the 22nd at the latest.

  14. I never received an email with shipping info, it doesn’t show it via their site, and nothing on my informed delivery. I emailed yesterday and they sent over the USPS tracking number, supposedly arriving today. Still nothing on informed delivery though 🤷🏻‍♀️ So weird!

  15. Mine never showed up in Informed Delivery. It was delivered yesterday though. I thought it hadn't shipped and was planning on having to email them today.

  16. Never received mine either and not marked as shipped. Not sure what’s happening this month

  17. They are being sent out, but they aren't updating our accounts or sending tracking emails on time.

  18. Product is BENEFIT COSMETICS - Brow Styler Eyebrow Pencil & Powder Duo in 4. Using the batch code it was made over three years ago - Is that normal? Should I contact ipsy?

  19. I would contact Benefit first. The batch code checkers are sometimes wrong.

  20. They should contact Ipsy if the product isn’t performing correctly regardless of whether the checker is wrong.

  21. I didn't even see the part where the OP said it's supposed to be brown when I posted last night.

  22. Have you tried cleaning it? Sometimes the applicators are colors other than white.

  23. Guess I’ll keep an eye on my email. Hopefully they will actually email me if this happens to my box. If I do get an email it will be the first instance I have had of BoxyCharm not giving me my choice (been a member since 2019). Hopefully they don’t “forget” to email me like Ipsy tends to do to me.

  24. Wow , they should’ve cancel the shop orders instead of premium choices for ppl who actually get premium , I bet bunch bought it to re sell . Shitty costumer service. It was my choice as well , I will be pissed if mine will get refunded too 🤦🏼‍♀️

  25. If they are still operating like before Ipsy bought them sale inventory is in a different state. Monthly boxes are packed in a Georgia warehouse, but sale orders come from another location.

  26. Is this normal?? I recieved my Sunday Riley good genes with no packaging, just tossed in the pink envelope. Are they trying to reduce packaging? Online when I look it up I see a box.

  27. I’ve received it twice (once from Ipsy and once from boxycharm). 1 time I received the box and the other I didn’t.

  28. When I clicked the resubscribe link in the email for my second account the page it brought me to says:

  29. I was the one who posted about the lipstick. It's nice to see that not everyone got a bad one. Mine has almost no color (takes multiple layers to get even the smallest amount of color to show.

  30. Has anyone else received the Complex Culture LED Pocket Mirror with May GBX?

  31. Yes, it says right under the battery on the box 23A 12V. I guess those are smaller, I have never seen them.

  32. Did you submit a support ticket recently? If so, I would just respond to the email saying that your problem isn't addressed in the auto response and restate the reason you contacted them.

  33. Their support team seems to be having all sorts of issues lately. I emailed them not long ago about a product in one of my boxes. Apparently 2 tickets were opened for the same issue. I ended up with 2 different agents talking to me and 2 different "solutions".

  34. With Chic Beauty, you get to customize, so you should be able to avoid most things you don't want. It is bimonthly.

  35. I don't like their customization process. They let you pick something and then if it's out of stock will put something "similar" in your box. My free gift that I got with my first (and only) box was an eyeliner that Too Faced wasn't selling at the time (never did figure out if it was discontinued or not). I feel like they are a gamble.

  36. Maybe Lurella Cosmetics monthly subscription. The box only consists of their brand.

  37. No it’s a lipstick. Would not call it a balm. It’s moisturizing but I believe even the package calls it lipstick. It’s pigmented.

  38. I must have a bad one. Mine has almost no pigment (takes several layers to show up on camera and still looks like a lightly tinted balm). I was asking just to see if boxycharm sent out some that actually have pigment like they are supposed to or if they were all like mine.

  39. Correct. I actually already own the XO Vinyl Gloss in the same shade and it has more pigment than the Epic Kiss Lipstick that boxycharm sent me.

  40. Ok, I have a question: if you choose the "choose for me" option do they just pick between the 2 choices for you or is there a possibility of getting something entirely different? Because I almost did that too since I had absolutely no interest in either one of those palettes.

  41. Anytime I have selected "choose for me", I have received one of the choice options.

  42. Absolutely. I recently cut down to just getting Premium, but for awhile I was getting all 3 (as well as GBP).

  43. Omg girl...I think you need a intervention lol! Then I want to shop your stash lol

  44. That's why I cut back to one beauty subscription. I try to avoid shopping the sales unless I am buying a gift for my mom or brother.

  45. My eyes are a blue/grey color. I used babe lash for 6 months or so. For me it made the skin on my lid a little bit darker (a line where the product was applied by the lashes). Easily covered with eyeshadow or eyeliner. After I stopped using it the darkened area slowly went back to its original color.

  46. It was noticeable to me (seeing my reflection in a bathroom mirror I didn’t notice as much, but up close at my vanity was another story), but I think to anyone else it probably looked like I didn’t fully get my eyeliner off (if that…it’s possible it wasn’t enough for anyone else to see).

  47. My Premium box was delivered a few days ago, but the website hasn’t been updated with my tracking information.

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