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  1. I’m at work right now and all I can think about is Daniel Jones celebrating a TD to Shepard

  2. Specifically says pass block attempts. So that would mean pass attempts or sacks? Maybe a few QB runs but either way DJ didnt drop back 61 times in week 1.

  3. Right? Im so confused by this “data”. Guess it doesnt matter. Point is, AT is awesome and that I agree with.

  4. I don’t understand people like you. Are we watching the same game? He hasn’t been serviceable at all. We’ve been winning in spite of DJ. He can only complete drags and slants confidently. Can you think of 3 plays this year where the guy has completed a tight throw? He’s not even trying them. It’s killing us

  5. I can think of 3 tight perfectly placed passes he made last game, chill the hate, enjoy being 2-0. And admit the man isn’t the same since he first suited up for us, he has gotten better every year, and he’s continuing to show improvement.

  6. Maybe I should say 3 tight throws over 10 yards. I’ve seen him make some tight slants.

  7. We are 2-0 this year with him starting, yet he’s not serviceable? Wins are wins, and he helped lead us to a win whether you like it or not tbh. And along with Gano, iced the game in clutch time. I’ve been this biggest Danny hater, but you gotta stop hating on every aspect.

  8. I used to do that when I was younger also, these days it’s a cup of coffee and if I’m feelin sassy a sausage McMuffin and save the beer for the afternoon or night game. All day drinking is a young man’s sport

  9. As a part of the young man, I can confirm it is not our sport either 😂😂😂

  10. It's such a shame since every time he touches the ball something wild happens. He seems like a superior athlete.

  11. Superior Athletes tend to have the hardest time staying on the field/court

  12. I don’t hate Washington. And it’s not a “wouldn’t mind seeing them win” thing…. It’s a “I don’t have to worry about them winning anything” thing.

  13. There was a post not too long ago asking fans to rank rivalries within their division. I know some Texans fans are like "Jaguars, whatever." There is no ranking ours. Every team hates every other team.

  14. I feel like giants fans don’t really need to hate Washington, their ass and it’ll probably stay that way, Philly and Dallas tho, 🥊 they can catch these hands 😂

  15. Totally. Usually I’m not one to say this kind of thing, but remember all those people that said Judge would lose the locker room because they did tackling drills in practice or something?

  16. This was by far the best win in the past few years prior to this past Sunday’s victory. I was way too excited afterwards, I’m usually not very optimistic but I’ll admit I was swept up in things.

  17. Didn't he throw a ball into the dirt on a play action roll out when Shep was open?

  18. If you go back and watch the play, it wasn’t an easy throw to make, he had pressure at his side zooming in unblocked (lol). So he didn’t really have any time to get into his throw.

  19. Then you don't make the throw. You throw it out of bounds and live for another down.

  20. Hold on, so throwing it at the ground… and throwing it out of bounds are different? That may have been the dumbest comment ever no offense

  21. Just some food for thought to the Barkley believers: Tennessee lost our #1 run stuffing line backer, Harold Landry, for the season to an ACL tear. His replacement was a 4th round pick in 2021 that only played two games last season before breaking his leg and being on IR for the season. Not saying Barkley is going to be trash, just think our run defense might be weak for a while.

  22. Totally get your point. However, Landry being on the field wouldn’t change how explosive and healthy saquon looked. Ignore his stats completely and just look at how he was running, he looks fresh and poised to have a big year after a bunch of injuries and duds. Yes Landry probably would’ve dropped his stats down, and been able to plug holes. But saquon just looked too good to contain, no matter who you’re missing

  23. I feel like they have a heavy focus on him sliding giving how many big hits he took last year

  24. That’s actualt correct, they are worried about him taking hits and ARE focusing on him sliding, he probably didn’t wanna take the hit, shit out of luck eithe way

  25. Ps2 has the ps1 hardware chips built in. So it’s kinda not a fair comparison.

  26. I more meant games that came out for those respective consoles, forgot that ps2 could play ps1 games when I made this post, but yeah, I more meant games for that console

  27. That bomb to Sheppard, his momentum was going backwards and a read most QBs wouldn’t find. It was a hell of a play in my opinion

  28. I get everyone plays differently and all subjective but is that really fun to you?

  29. It's like asking me to pick my favorite child...

  30. Okay- go thru the top few pages here:

  31. You really gonna tempt fate when we know CD is gonna get just as open vs us lol

  32. Its PFF, they just make shit up. Having Mahomes ranked as the #8 QB this week is a joke

  33. I'm feeling old because kids these days are getting nostalgic overloads over something that really isn't that old in the first place.

  34. I mean tbh, if you were 6-7 when it came out, now your 17-18, that’s a long time ago. If your 50 and somethint happened at 39-40, its not as long bc you have lived longer

  35. DIY’d? I literally bought that exact same tower for my ps4….. what exactly did you DIY?

  36. Take some bong rips towards the end of the first half. Makes laughing through our defeat later on much easier.

  37. Bong rips before kickoff, bong rips at half, bong rips to celebrate the win/to cry out the loss… HELPS WITH IT ALL!

  38. Thomas was one of the worst o linemen in the league his rookie year, granted we also had the worst o line, he took massive strides last year, but we still had the shiftiest o line, hopefully this group can mesh and we can finally had even a top 10-15 o line

  39. Amazing for a guy that is washed/doesn’t know how to play rb/will never recover his athleticism/should’ve been benched for another rb that’s not in the league anymore.

  40. No we don’t, but I’m in a good mood, so I’ll describe it that way for now, till next week

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