1. Looks to me he was in a hurry not only could he not stop ahead of time and wait but he also can see cars going and knows the draw bridge can’t open in a hurry

  2. Maybe a fungus I’ve never had any luck getting them to come back once they start browning maybe someone else can help

  3. Sometimes the simplest advice is the best! My first year I WAAAAYYYY overestimated what my space would allow. Focusing on quality of grow this time. 🤓

  4. Me too I’m just slowly expanding mine figuring out what does best where and where the chickens don’t eat everything

  5. I love my chickens! I’m so thankful they haven’t figured out that they can fly over the railing and get to my porch garden, though.

  6. Sometimes it really depends on conditions right now my house is messy I left them on so I wouldn’t lose them a better organized friend takes hers off every time

  7. Won't that just send flecks of the poison oak flying? It would suck to get a fine mist of poison oak oil everywhere.

  8. They burrow and house inside the fruit - and when I looked them up found the mention of codling moths which behave similarly. But when I spoke to the local gardening staff, they said its not usual to find codling moth in this region of California.

  9. Sounds good, but when I looked on the Googles, it said that pine needles and pinecones were acidic. Will it burn the plants that I am trying to mulch around?

  10. Mine lost feathers due to molting if new feathers are growing that maybe what is going on with yours

  11. That’s what I thought, but I read they really only moly at 18 months to 2 years old. These are 8-9 months old. I believe that’s new feathers shown coming in, but I’m new to all this. This is my first winter with chickens.

  12. Nope that’s about it I have some that sleep outside in the cold year around they have a nice house but they don’t go in it, even though that’s very cold I think she will be fine

  13. Thanks! I worry about my chickens (especially her!) so much..she's just a motionless pancake on the floor atm so I'm probably going to continue worrying about her until she gets up and is active again!

  14. Yes it is 50/50 chance I’ve had roses I only had a little stem and they survived but I also had some way bigger die varieties have different survival rate

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