1. even those underground monster animatronics get low diffed tbh, these ones dont stand a chance

  2. hmmm. narrowly gets a match against Yujiro ended, loses to memetobe. wait a second -

  3. He's by all definitions an MMA fighter, using all sorts of techniques that work best for him, incorporating different martial arts. He's not just a striker-he finished Jack with a guillotine, took out Ali Jr with a rnc, put Yujiro in the Tiger King armlock, and his cockroach tackle is basically a superfast spear takedown

  4. Hes a grappler. Literally the first few chapters directly say he doesnt adhere to any known martial arts, including MMA, the best way of describing his style was "the grappler".

  5. Ngl i find theres something off with schizo elijah. Like yeah haha hee hee video game roman slavery go brrr. But i dunno the way he really idolises them strikes me as fashy.

  6. finally getting an actual main villain thats european would be dope. also Alexander is the same height as Baki, which methinks would be similar but far more interesting fight as the short sumo

  7. They're all JOKES, except for Dorian and Spec.

  8. This will be an incredibly useful post for anybody discussing vs battles, should be pinned desu

  9. Not knowing about being able to do it in palaces too until the LAST dungeon on my SECOND playthrough... sigh

  10. the writing of the last few chapters in general has been fucking awful imo

  11. knowing jack hed still rip your throat out with just his gums. also that literally extends to any of the body "ill just cut it off lol"

  12. this is perfect if like in games 41% of ncr soldiers shot themselves

  13. seeing that scene in royal for the first time as a kawakami fan was the biggest W of royal

  14. I always thought it would be the two psycho dads. Killua's father vs Yujirou.

  15. Kenichi was either the first or second anime I watched that wasn't DBZ or Pokemon. So it has a real special place in my heart.

  16. Baki is so long youll be able to reread from the beginning in just a month or 2 and itll feel like new lmao

  17. I love how absurdly good of a kit he gets, especially in the level 90s

  18. Cass has by far the most dialogue of any companion, which isn't surprising since she was written by Chris Avellone.

  19. so much so that they actually had to patch out how much she talks lol

  20. anybody who thinks yujiro would get angry clearly does not understand his character lmao

  21. that fov with the pipboy looks incredibly annoying to play with lol

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