1. If not a hub, I'd appreciate a Lucasfilm Collection showcasing Lucasfilm's filmography (that is available to Disney), having different rows to show off their films (e.g. Star Wars films, Willow, Indy 5, Red Tails), animation (e.g. The Clone Wars, The Bad Batch, Rebels, Strange Magic) and their live action series (e.g. The Mandalorian, Andor, Willow). As well as a row for "Lucasfilm Through The Years."

  2. I'd say I'm looking forward to it! I do love Star Wars, but it's nice to see Lucasfilm expand more into it's other properties like Willow and the upcoming fifth Indiana Jones movie.

  3. Since they've added this, it'd be great if they could also add all 4 of the hour-long Zorro specials that aired after the series had ended, since they continued the character's story:

  4. I know we already got Spectacular Spider-Man currently on Netflix Canada, but hopefully this'll be the same release here too, along with some of the other announced content (e.g. Zorro, Bear in the Big Blue House)

  5. Yea I totally feel they lost the chance for a real comeback after that movie. Instead of making a new muppet show they decided to only do a sequel which wasn’t nearly as good and they seemed to fizzle away again.

  6. There was the ABC Muppets show from 2015, but it may have been too different, even for the Muppets. At least now with the rebranding and things like Muppets Now and Muppets Haunted Mansion, the folks running Muppets Studio has a better grasp on them.

  7. Can someone post the history of their logos so I can compare overall?

  8. Loving the new logo, really harkens back to old school Muppets while looking forward to the future.

  9. I'm honestly looking forward to some great riffing from a new Joel episode, with it being a bit of a throwback to those earlier seasons. I loved the 30th Anniversary Live Tour Show, and I can't wait to see Joel put back on the red jumpsuit for the show proper.

  10. The return of physical sets instead of green screens.

  11. Agreed! The film is essentially a pilot for the series (even though chronologically, it's not the first thing to watch), and serves as an introduction to a lot of the Clone Wars characters, including Ahsoka Tano. Also, The Clone Wars film is missing from the Obi-Wan Kenobi Collection.

  12. I took a quick look on Netflix, and it looks like Homecoming is leaving on June 30th. Maybe this means it'll be on Disney Plus after that?

  13. As well as a focus on the business aspect of Ghostbusters, with Winston starting up the brand once more after the events of Afterlife.

  14. Also I noticed that this subreddit does not have a banner. If the Mods are reading this, and would like to, they can feel free to message me about using a textless version of this image (being credited to the image, of course)

  15. Definitely happy they added this section to Disney Plus, really adds plenty of content to the app from their catalogue. That and I get to say Die Hard is a Disney movie (Yippie Kay Yay M--) lol. And it allowed me to revisit Futurama once more (looking forward to the return of the series).

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