when they don't allow rainbow armbands at the World Cup

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  1. This was during the 26/11 attack. She broadcasted the operational details of the military, from where they were about to enter the hotel, when they were about to enter the hotel, how many people were trapped, which floor they were trapped with etc.

  2. they are not forcing you to dance so put your shit in your mouth and go do azzan 6 time a day on loud speaker

  3. sale mc india ka hi tax par chal rahai aur national anthem bhi nahi ga sakte

  4. Any other democracy this Criminal would've been behind bars .

  5. pepole with real power always bypass law all over the world. in every country you will find some similar case. so life isnt fair and there is noting called justice. justice only apply when crime is done by poor people(general population)

  6. So basically you are trying to telling is the up is best for Gunda gardi and worst for humanity

  7. ask your father, oh sorry i am your father so answer is the main purpous of all living being is to reproduce and protect them self. if you think about basics then you are only here to reproduce your next generation and money power dosen't matter

  8. posting on any social meadia dosen't going to work. we have to take some action. may be forcing over government to help them can work because there government dosen't care about over social media post they will kill like a dictator

  9. don't say anything to her other wise she will play victim card and say that people are targeting her because "she is a women and marry a muslim man"

  10. INDIA should also promote hinduism in 2023 worldcup and give giant middle finger to all the news channel in india who oppose it.

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