1. Partially true. Some of them may be interested in dating, just not her. A lot of them probably just don't consider her relationship caliber. It doesn't matter what anyone else thinks, it only matters what they think, and if every guy you swipe on feels the same, then maybe you are aiming too high. Just a thought.

  2. Oh yes - it is 100% women's fault then men act like assholes.

  3. Summary: "We asked some people who like to smoke pot if they liked it."

  4. It’s in the paper they just summarize the paper in this article

  5. The full text is not available - only the summary of the original article - which does not indicate any of the scientific controls that I mention.

  6. "I'm gonna make you my baby-mama and then maybe participate in the kid's life when convenient to me."

  7. Here is the thing - suicide is permentent. The financial situation you are in is temporary. And his death will forever make your child one of a single-parent household with a parent who died by suicide - which makes your child at risk for all sorts of bad outcomes.

  8. I don't understand a therapist that goes to their home and makes him promise not to leave, either.

  9. Probably a church affiliated conselor or something. I don't know a single therapist that would do this.

  10. Girl. Look - stop demanding he do anything or feel any particular way right now. If he is there and hasn't left of kicked you out, consider yourself lucky. The trust is majorly broken and it may or may not ever be repairable, but it is going to be a SLOW process that may take years.

  11. You should screenshot and tell your mom and dad. Don't confront him. Let your parents - and hopefully the police -handle it.

  12. You can try to be super uber frugal - but the reality is that 38k is not enough for a family even in less expensive places.

  13. Maybe it is just me being older and having more income - but the first date places that I've been invited to have been $$$ and I wouldn't find even $$$$ to be anything out of the ordinary.

  14. I have a slightly shorter overhang because the only slab that was large enough to do all my counters w/o buying a second slab required it.

  15. OK - trauma therapist here. It does sometimes come up in dealing with sexual trauma that the person had a physiological arousal response. I want to emphasize that it was physiological - not mental - arousal. Basically, body parts are dumb and will respond to physical stimulation / sexual situations even with everything about the situation is horrible and traumatic.

  16. "No" - it is a complete sentence. Doesn't require further explanation.

  17. THIS! Calories in. It doesn't matter if it is pelo, vegan, keto, etc. If you consume more calories than you burn you will gain weight.

  18. Paleo and keto can be very high in calories and still work well to lose weight. It's not calories, it's the type of calories. Consuming sugar and carbs triggers the pancreas to release insulin which increases your body's ability to absorb energy from the food you eat. So if you eat too much of that type of food, the insulin released allows the body to access way more energy than it can use and that is then stored as fat. That's why low-calorie diets often don't work for people. A rice cake only has 35 calories, but it has 7 carbs. You may not gain much weight, but you're probably not going to lose much either.

  19. Literally, you cannot consume more calories than you burn and lose weight. There may be more efficient foods, IDK - but it is impossible to lose weight and consume more calories than you burn.

  20. So why were you irresponsibly ejaculating in a woman of child bearing age. No contraceptive is 100% effective. This all would have been avoided if you were more responsible.

  21. So - this is gaslighting. He is making you question your own reality in thinking that maybe something is wrong with a partner asking about this situation after something the child said.

  22. Yeah. It is nuts. I hold out for the buy 2 get 2 or such specials. But we have cut way back on soda consumption. Not a heavy soda drinker anyhow - just an occasional diet coke here and there.

  23. I would have done the same, and not felt bad about it. Chances are if someone brings you over to their house they have actually cleaned up or straightened up a bit. So what you are seeing is them putting their best foot forward!

  24. This hits home for me too. Mutually ended a 10 year relationship (we did not live together) this past summer. I just felt that in the long run what I had was someone I supported and problem solved for and indulged and took care of and it was not returned at the same level (not even close). There was some return - but there were times when he came over and I just felt put upon and irritated because of a sense of having to "take care of" that was not reciprocated.

  25. This isn't good from either gender. IME, it either implies a starting point of mistrust, unresolved past issues of cheating, or past emotionally unpleasant behavior by the poster and not liking to be held accountable.

  26. I don’t get acrylics, but a non-gel mani is probably 20-30, and gels I see around where I live are usually 25-40. The gels last two weeks so that’s kind of nice, regular manis never last more than a few days on me so I just do them myself

  27. Is that even feasible? I mean I know that's not the most concerning part of the video, but still

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