1. This is so kind of you. I would love to try them! I have been looking into them and trying to decide whether they would be helpful for me and worth the cost. Just started a new job a couple of weeks ago that requires me to get up at 6:30 a.m. when that was about the time I went to sleep the entire year prior… it’s a struggle. 😅

  2. You’re first! Please DM me your address! Opposite _Flight, I’ll be in touch when they come back to me.

  3. This is tremendously exciting news for my family…. Have just emailed the study to our medical provider. Thanks so much for posting it!

  4. I completely agree! I graduated in 2005, (so the world was very different then lol) but I went to a very academically competitive high school and was convinced my life would be over if I couldn't take AP classes and maintain a certain GPA. But pushing myself junior year meant I couldn't get out of bed senior year and Home and Hospital didn't offer AP English, Physics or Statistics, so I was forced to shift my focus to just completing the bare minimum graduation requirements. Later, I also thought it was the end of the world when I realized I wouldn't be able to get a bachelor's in 4 years, but looking back, that seems so silly, since it really doesn't matter at all how long it took me.

  5. Enjoyed reading your response. I have a son who is going to be 17 in May and who has gone from being the brightest kid in the class at age 12 or 13 but who now can do maybe one or two short tutoring sessions each week. While his crushing fatigue stems from a different chronic illness, this sub provides me with lots of insight. For those here who are suffering, we read your posts every day and our thoughts are with you at all times.

  6. If you're into guns, go visit ATP Gun Shop and the employees will teach you a variety of ways you can go fuck yourself. Or if you're into a less time consuming way, try using any drive thru for fast food in the city of North Charleston.

  7. ATP is new to me - I’m assuming that as they’re in your suggestion they are crap?

  8. Go literally anywhere else besides ATP. When Walmart sold handgun ammo ATP would go but up all their supply and resell it at their place incredibly marked up. The staff are rude and their prices are ridiculous.

  9. Rutledge Cab Company. Just zero effort made.

  10. Blindfold + noise cancelling headphones for full jiggery pokery fun!

  11. Look up Boat Life Charleston on FB and ask around there. May get lucky and have someone offer to take you and your son out if you pay for gas or something. Usually lots of people that love to spread their love of the hobby with younger folks

  12. Awesome, thanks! I'm the same with shooting - I love to spread my love of target shooting with family friends and their kids. I don't care that they blow through a bunch of expensive ammo, I just love seeing their excitement.

  13. Go on Facebook and join some of the Charleston fishing pages. Then make a post seeing if anyone would like to split a charter or if anyone has room for one more. That’s usually what I do. Inshore charter will cost about 450 total for a half day but if you can get a few other people to split the trip it’s a pretty cheap option. Also if your son is younger than 18 look up palmetto kids fishing camp or low country fishing camp. It May be another good option for him

  14. Wonderful information, thanks - I think my son will pee his pants when I tell him that someone told me there was a fishing camp in the summer!

  15. This! And as a M49, I find good diet and good supplements (Glucosamine, omegas etc), are a must.

  16. I ran quite a lot between the ages of 17 and about 32. I’m now 49 and I started running again a few months ago. Now I can’t comment on muscle as I have a body that simply will not develop extra bulk ( I once biked 1,200 miles in 10 days - zero change to leg muscle size). But strength? I’m stronger now - including, importantly, mentally - than I have ever been. I can push harder during a run than I ever could when I was younger.

  17. Addiction is generational. My wife and I can map at least three older generations than us, on both sides of the family, where addiction was present. We decided we would be the ones too break the cycle.

  18. A cheap, Turkish-made 12 gauge over and under and a skeet lesson.

  19. Thanks all - literally taking it all apart and starting again fixed it. I wasn’t able to get a one piece mount, but the rings are decent quality (Leupold). It’s now shooting great groups.

  20. I think it’s called seduction! ( not sedition, you naughty peeps!)

  21. I have this in .223 - bought it so I could actually afford to shoot during Covid. Love everything about it, it’s pure class and style. And yes, can’t imagine anything but a simple Leupold on it.

  22. Agree with the other posters - it’s very possible to be an autoimmune/chronic inflammatory issue that came after a virus. Has he had mono or COVID? I was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis after mono and went to remission and then got a bad flare again after my second round of COVID. The team at MUSC is great when you get in but the waitlist is a few months long.

  23. Thanks to all who responded. I am also certain that it represents the tail end of a viral infection. In my son’s case, that infection was (is) Lyme disease.

  24. OP. have you actually seen the Sinkovich brothers race in real life?

  25. I just landed from Asia…. This is a joke, right??

  26. So a bit like most of 4chan, then?

  27. …but I never started swearing. Do I have to start now?

  28. Yes, you effing nob end (M,49)

  29. This is highly commendable. I too started at 14, there are some wonderful years ahead of you! Stick with it, you have something.

  30. Swap handguards. Don't just reduce thread engagement for no reason.

  31. Interning idea and makes sense from an engineering/integrity sense - thanks for responding.

  32. Just got my May 2021 paper form 4 approved yesterday. Put it to one side and forget about it for a while, basically.

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