Justin Hammer of EVs

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Elon Musk Loses $100 Billion in Net Worth as Tesla Stock Prices Plummet

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Elon Musk says he wants 'Twitter 2.0' to have video chat, voice calls, and encrypted DMs — and has enlisted the help of Signal's founder

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  1. It's the quietest player on the market and if you have a high end stereo setup it's internal DAC is unmatched by anything else out there. You're right in saying it's not worth it to most folks, but if you have the cash and equipment to match, then $1k is relatively cheap.

  2. What're some good stereo speakers that would complement the DAC? My soundbar is just irritating me at this point and would like a proper set up.

  3. Casino Royale is widely regarded as the best Bond movie in 20+ years. The other Craig movies are okay-to-good.

  4. Funny how both of the first films from the last couple of Bond actors were their best.

  5. Ebay goes out of their way to protect buyers. Sellers have next to no rights of dispute against complaints. If it is a scam and you never get it or there is something wrong, you'll get your money back

  6. Same here. They returned the item on the very last day of the return window saying it was busted. I had to refund it all plus extra fees, and the item I received back was in perfect working condition.

  7. hmmm not in New York I guess... still Black Panther in IMAX

  8. It's playing at AMC Empire in times sq in IMAX. 34th st has it too but standard.

  9. Except for Tesla. He's turning the brand toxic. Every time he opens his big stupid mouth another potential customer goes and looks at

  10. Anecdotal but a friend of mine who has a new-ish Model Y is having severe buyer's remorse. Not only because of how Elon's acting, but how basic the interior is compared to actual luxury SUVs in the same price range. He waited almost a year for it too!

  11. I understand the schadenfreude thing, but I really hope no EV loses market share. We gotta get gas cars off the road if we ever want a sustainable anything, so just as long as the EVs on the market stay better than their ICE competitors, I’ll be ok.

  12. I meant lose market share to competing EVs

  13. This is not mistake as it could have been avoided easily with a good training and proper supervision. It is improper practices and definitely dumb.

  14. It's a mistake. Feel free to look up the definition.

  15. The software has moments of brilliance, but also lots of dumbfuckery. Not saying the alternatives are perfect, but I really like having choice.

  16. No android of mine has lasted more than 2 years. Meanwhile I’m typing this on a 5y old well functioning iPhone. Probably never buying an android again

  17. I have a used Xperia that's approaching 5 years old. Still works great and even did some recording underwater years ago. Also have some really old Nexus devices that still power on and work fine, despite being on ancient versions of Android.

  18. This. A movie like Top Gun needed to be seen on an insanely huge screen. I have a big screen at home but it's not nearly the same effect.

  19. Reddit echo chamber is going to look so silly when Twitter becomes profitable and successful like Musk's other ventures. There's no point in arguing like a bunch of tards below, time will tell.

  20. Thank you for this, about to go on a Glorifi rabbit hole. Didn't know it was a thing.

  21. I had no idea Sean Connery was bald when he filmed all his James Bond movies. Thought that happened to him later in life.

  22. This guy went viral for another video and I spent a while sleuthing out his name, he's much more popular in Asia. Now I don't remember it 🥹

  23. The interior on the X is atrocious for the price. They told me new luxury isn’t about materials…it’s about tech. Dude everyone on earth has a smartphone, less people have cashmere and even less a rolls Royce. You will always be able to deeply sense luxury and a model X ain’t it. I’d rather buy blood emeralds from Elons dad.

  24. I was shocked at how basic feeling the interior was. My friend saw my stink face when I sat inside and immediately knew why I had that reaction 😅

  25. If you don’t mind winter, you can buy a $200 -50°-rated winter coat and move to NY’s North Country — 45 min to Montreal or Burlington VT, and my mortgage is half what i was paying in rent. first-time home buyers can put 3% down instead of 10-15. I love the snow and also knowing that maybe it won’t get to be 100° all summer as quickly as other parts of the U.S.

  26. You can also live in a van down by the river in Georgia and pay no mortgage 🙌

  27. Doesn't get any closer to quality and production than Blue Planet 2.

  28. Strange, I have heard this before but many many years ago, about blu rays 😅 I agree with you though. 4K 🙌

  29. Dude, I remember hearing people saying anything higher than 720p is a scam.

  30. Everything has a limit though mate what can you not see in 4K that can be enhanced? You want to see more freckles and sweat? DVD still outsells bluray and 4K after all this time so nobody’s gonna get left behind lmao

  31. Point taken. There is a limit on what the human eye can see from a digital reproduction in the form of thousands of pixels pushed close together. What that limit is at each viewing distance I don't know.

  32. "Within two years time" Elongated Muskrat 2013, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2021, and 2022.

  33. Not even that, just last week he said the new Twitter Blue was launching Nov 28 but he just scrapped those plans yesterday.

  34. now show me your most pertinent 23 code pushes

  35. Print them out and fax them to me, chop chop

  36. Your comment is irrelevant, finished high school 5 years ago

  37. Where though? We're in NYC, my son's in high school now and has been using Google Classroom with timestamped assignments since elementary.

  38. Besides TGM is there anything on Paramount+ that makes it worth having yet another streaming service to choose?

  39. Rocking an XZ2 Compact right now for my 2nd phone. Have previous compacts sitting in drawers.

  40. Looked like that was going to be a head on collision if the guy who was pulled over didn't flee. Saved the non-idiot here.

  41. That guy wasn't fleeing, he was trying to be a hero!

  42. Does he know any good Chuck Norris jokes?

  43. Ehh.. I have google home and it’s been brilliant since the day I got it. Much better than Alexa and entirely different than your experience

  44. Same experience as you. Had the original home mini, now all our rooms have the 2nd gen nest home gear. The integration with the phone, doorbell and Chromecast is consistently great.

  45. I really don't understand the obsession with what wealthy people say or do. Most times - I just assume that these are statements which are released and arranged by PR firms for the sake of the ego of their clients.

  46. I wouldn't say the OP is obsessed, it's a fair question the perked my curiosity when reading it.

  47. I knew I should've stayed after the credits for Endgame

  48. Been waiting for Black Friday to pick one up. Do we think there’s a chance it’s lower on actual Black Friday?

  49. No idea but if it does I'll just ask Amazon to make up the difference in store credit. If that doesn't work then I'll just play the return and rebuy game.

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