1. I could be wrong, but isn't this a common theme? Or is it just "common" because it gets reported when it happens?

  2. Never gonna happen sadly. There's not enough hours as it is to fit everything already on the calendar and for some public schools swimming lessons is a dream that will never happen, even if it's just at the closest public pool.

  3. An hour at the pool is worth more than an hour of algebra for example, imo opinion anyway

  4. Then the concert organisers should announce that.

  5. Totally agree, but I would've thought a bit of common sense would help give people answers too

  6. Flights to LAX, ORD & PVG have all departed in the past two hours.

  7. Is this a bit sus or just normak? Why were they allowed to leave when the international terminal is flooded, but other planes can't?

  8. Kepu for the warriors is out indefinitely with an injury

  9. Cheers mate (And thanks xdeluxe also)

  10. Why does Mewtwo and its Shadow variant have Confusion instead of Psycho Cut? Doesn't PC generate energy faster? Is there a big difference between using PC or Confusion for PvE?

  11. IIRC, the rule of thumb with Mewtwo in the past was if the raid boss is weak to Psychic, use Confusion

  12. Fighting type is one of the most used in the game

  13. Wouldn’t mind him back for us tbh, but I don’t see where he would fit. Either winger or CTR obviously, but not sure who drops out, Montoya perhaps? 🤷

  14. I always find it interesting on nostalgic stuff like this, comments like "man it was so much better back then, today is shit etc etc".

  15. The heck, I felt Otukolo wasn't given much opportunity, personally I don't see much upside in Lussick but maybe just not looking close enough

  16. Goes to show how many people are raiding Regice if it took 6 or so hours to get Posted on TSR lol

  17. Lol what is this team, like half the team is wrong

  18. I assume you're basing this on the nebulous language about "exploits" in the TOS? That's nonsense. Quick catch has been in the game how long? And this is no more of an "exploit" than that. Niantic is not going to ban anyone for feeding their buddy a poffin and swapping it out.

  19. Isn't he part of that group with May, Tago, Clearly and Luai that all came up together? If so, bit sad that friend group is going to slowly start ending up in opposing clubs over time.

  20. I don't see him playing for Warriors at all tbh, especially as we've got CNK/TMM, plus who knows what's happening with RTS

  21. I clicked here expecting SJ for sure

  22. Looks great, however not sure if it's just me but the way it's set out it looks like the Mega Pokemon are stronger than non mega, which isn't the case

  23. Yeah I only listed mega pokemon separately, as the top 10 list would just be megas and Shadow.

  24. Yeah fair enough, and don't get me wrong I love the info it's great

  25. This has been around for a while now

  26. So I did think about that and I gave it some thought.

  27. Not everyone knows, Niantic doesn't know, that's the reason it's still around

  28. Alright, not bad, always one of the better events. Increased lucky chances is always nice.

  29. There is a simple pattern: A rare pokemon is released in a event with almost no chance to obtain (Gible, Deino, Noibat, Axew etc), so Niantic can milk their players for buying tickets, buying incubators or whatever. Some months later this pokemon is featured in a (themed) event or at a community day to give a access to these shinies.

  30. Sounds like you may be new to the game

  31. Who is that 2nd standard Pokémon under Fighting?

  32. Lmaoooooo I used ALL of my incubators over Halloween trying to get a shiny one. What a load of crap.

  33. Can’t believe Harris hasn’t cracked 200 games, feels like he near 300 IMO

  34. very average, similar to Dragonite, with the problem that not all Dragon-type boss are weak to Ice-type. In fact, Kyurem itself is one of those dragons. In addition to that, it is running 1-bar move with low DPS fast move dbreath so it cannot be counted on when dealing with dragon-boss with moves like Outrage/Draco Meteor.

  35. The Pokémon aren’t in order, Mamoswine is much higher than OP has listed

  36. actually checked Lv40 no dodging no weather no friend no shadow, and the top row is actually in correct order

  37. While it happens sometimes, it's not very often you won't be using a shadow or at least raiding with a friend, plus L50 is here not L40

  38. It's very legit. He repeats that he doesn't think he's a good coach several times and says that his coaching is "weird". No ambiguity in this one at all.

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