AITA for telling my daughter that I'm no longer her father on the eve of her wedding?

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AITA for missing an actual emergency because I turned off my phone to avoid my wife's unnecessary contact attempts during my tech-free weekend?

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  1. Hang in there. Global economics change and it will all look up again. Eventually this moment of trial will be something you’ll look back on as a bit of a test, a growth moment. And it is just a moment. It will pass.

  2. YTA. And why is Natalie expecting such a thing when she hasn’t been a mother. Accept the fact your son doesn’t like her and stop forcing a relationship. It’s his wedding and he felt more comfortable with his aunt. And then you made it all about yourselves.

  3. lol clearly not. Sorry, no sympathy. Yes it’s hard but for years some of us have looked on, said ‘this is insane’ and held off on buying, pumping money into skills and savings while everyone around us tells us we are stupid or missing out by not buying. Had people I advised to be cautious with their mortgages tell me that I’m totally wrong, stretch to buy the biggest house as houses never go down. Leverage repeatedly because that’s the kiwi way. Greed greed and nothing else.

  4. Banks test people’s ability to pay interest rates at a higher rate before they accept them, even banks didn’t see rates would go up this fast, by this much, historic climbs. 75 basis points at a time. Never seen before. Banks don’t win if your house goes to mortgagee in a falling market.

  5. Thanks for this comment. It feels awful watching fellow FHB cut us down after we worked fucking ridiculously hard to get on the ladder only to get slaughtered financially for it, buffer or not.

  6. I hope you can hang in there. Honestly. It takes grit to get on that ladder, and you deserve to keep your home, and I wouldn’t expect you did any less than work fucking ridiculously hard to get there. It’s concerning there does appear to be a sector of society cheering for destruction just so they can feast on your corpse later.

  7. Disturbing and unfortunately this is happening in America as well cookie cutter neighborhoods with all the same houses also homeowner associations popping up like wildfire

  8. I have just built a house and one of my goals was to make sure it wasn’t cookie cutter

  9. Of course there would be. I would be surprised if he handled himself perfectly in every other circumstance. You need to communicate. Talk to him about what your needs are. Explain what you need from him. Then give him a chance to delve into his own stressors that may contribute towards him behaving that way. Let him talk to you without judgment or interruption as well.

  10. Read my edit. I provided more context about why I want a divorce.

  11. YTA There is room to compromise here, this is his last birthday before being a dad, let him have some enjoyment and if he’d like to drink, let him. You’ve voiced your concerns, do you truly have no trust in him that he won’t drink to shitfaced levels? Just ask that he be responsible. Space his drinking out, provide a lot of food. There is actually ways to drink responsibly instead of this black and white thinking. Chances of suddenly needing to give birth with no signs beforehand early, are incredibly tiny, and to be honest, regardless of intentions, you’re coming across as a little controlling.

  12. That's dumb since the car most definitely is not stolen. OP gave their mom the keys to the car to use.

  13. Well the second she refuses to give it back, she has illegal possession of a motor vehicle “aka” stolen.

  14. I have a feeling if she asks to see the legal documents, he will tell her he shredded them 😔

  15. I had a partner like this. And there was always an excuse or another story. It wears you down.

  16. Your husband is a class A liar. That story is so ridiculously unbelievable it’s bordering on ridiculous.

  17. Did those guys behind speed up to close the gap so he couldn’t get in, or did the front car slow down?

  18. Creationists are aware of "hearts & minds" tho. Thats what its all about.

  19. That a god create the world and science is not real.

  20. Yeah you’re not coming across as very articulate, so I’m not surprised you think science is not real and that god is(lol)

  21. Obviously can't give 24 years of history in the the 3000 character main post. But we never had any problems. We never had a bad relationship. I'd always do whatever she asked of me, I don't think I ever even so much as raised my voice at her since she was 6, I even asked her if I ever wronged, short-changed or slighted her and she said no.

  22. Oh your relationship was as rock solid as you suggest it was, with no problems ever, then why is it so easy for you to drop her as a daughter for the rest of your life over a role in a wedding?

  23. I would probably say yes to all of those requirements, but then say no due to the tone of the homeowner

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