1. The e43 takes the now impossible to find SS80 rails. I know Anon Anarchist is beta testing p80 PF9SS rails for his frames which is great because you can actually buy them (plus his stuff is awesome).

  2. Don't worry, we're currently suing that weasel cocksucker Bob Ferguson and we're definitely going to put a VERY public L on his record. A preliminary injunction was asked for and there's a hearing for it on November 23rd.

  3. You'll quickly learn that multi filament prints are not ideal for a non idex printer. Each filament swap can be over a minute and depending on the design there can be hundreds of swaps.

  4. You can come over to my place sometime. I have 40 acres and a steel plate range.

  5. That sounds like you are living the dream. I've been looking for an outdoor shooting buddy so if you ever want company hit me up. I am not above bribing with food, drinks, ammo, and witty banter.

  6. PP HTPLA is just PLA strength until you anneal it. Be safe out there.

  7. For ABS/ASA, I always print first layer at ~260C, bed 110C (115C for ASA), part cooling fan off, speed of 30-40mm/s, and 1000mm/s^2 acceleration. Ideally get the chamber up to 55-60C before starting the print but issues resulting from low chamber temperature are more visible after you turn on the part cooling fan and are printing higher layers.

  8. This. I did a whole legacy gantry and stealthburner in flashforge white ASA with no problems.

  9. I would love a shooting buddy. I'm always building new stuff and testing is a hassle sometimes at my normal ranges (ie, bring a toolbox and completely disassembling my firearm on the bench).

  10. I'm excited for this and the aluminum protobarrel ends. DB just making it rain.

  11. I think I've seen this before and it was the layers changing directions (ie clockwise to counter clockwise)

  12. "There has been some misinformation regarding settlement with the City, and I’d like to set the record straight.  As part of the settlement, information was provided that will ultimately be required by the Court to be produced in the State case, AND that would be subject to release pursuant to a subpoena in any event; namely, who purchased 80% frames from Rainier Arms in NY since February 20th, after their ban went into effect.  There was nothing shared beyond information that was coming out eventually during discovery in the State case, and those disclosures were inevitable..."

  13. Thanks for the reply! I also joined the discord to stay more up to date.

  14. PS.: Also, people will have good answers on stuff like HTPET, I bought some but haven't tried it yet. As for the stock question, the owner is very active on the channel and always answers questions

  15. All evo parts. I've got another version I'm about to start testing that takes a g17 barrel, ar fcg and evo bolt.

  16. It's different between printers and batches of filiment. I didn't have my printer as accurate as I liked so my scaling had to be a little more drastic, when I did it but it came out really nice with almost 700rds out of my svtr

  17. I assumed the shrinkage would vary depending on the print geometry so this is good to know it's pretty consistent.

  18. Do they have it in pla + or just plain pla? I’ve used Overture and it’s worked well for me out of my ender 3. I just really like the look of this lol

  19. Yes, they call their PLA+ "ultra impact modified" and have only 3 colors, I think.

  20. PLA cf is not a good choice for pews. Possible ok for non load bearing stuff but it tends to be weak and brittle. Please be cautious and test safely.

  21. How does eSUN pla plus print in the x1 carbon? I saw some videos about top layer gaps with polymaker pla but I haven’t seen anything in regards to eSUN.

  22. I was planning to have to buy some bearings the same size as the existing, along with some shaft to install them on and print a cylinder to install on the shaft the correct diameter for the Atomic spools. I'd probably cover the printed cylinder in shrink tube for a more consistent surface and better traction, and because I can. Glad to hear the idea shows promise. Now to just get my printer...

  23. The real issue is rolling backwards. The cylinder needs to be small enough to keep the spool from hitting the top inside of the AMS and big enough to keep it off the bottom of the AMS. Going backwards raises the spool slightly and makes it bind.

  24. What happens when lone wolf runs out of stock? Can these be sent to a laser cutting service?

  25. I use the nano too. It works very well and I go through a $20 bottle every 4-6 months. It's worth it to me to not have to mess around a bunch (same reason why I bought the Bambu :) ).

  26. You mean the Montgo? I want one, but can't justify $600 for an upper and I don't even have an AR-9 lower. Looking for one to print before I even consider the Montgo.

  27. Yeah, it's a bit spendy but it seems nice. With a long flash can you could do some cool handguard stuff.

  28. They came and released a solid block CAD file of the Montgo just the other day, which I thought was really cool of them.

  29. Well, you could respool from a bigger (incompatible spool) to a smaller spool that fits. All you need to repool is a couple rods/dowels some eye-screws and a power drill :)

  30. I have respooled and, at least for me, it is a pain in the ass. Got a whole setup with a drill and stands, etc.

  31. Does the lid come off? Does it still work if it can?

  32. I'm sure it comes off somehow. You can leave it open or ajar for bigger spools but then you lose the moisture protection. My printing room stays at about 50% humidity so it's precautions on my part to keep the filament dry.

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