1. I wonder if she would’ve helped them if for some reason they were trans and she found out before she helped them.

  2. No, she’d claim they were a threat to the cis women on the plane 🙄

  3. Pretty sure the GOP thinks DePape was someone Pelosi picked up at a bar for a night of drinking, drugs and gay sex

  4. Kevin McCarthy will dye his hair purple before he’ll answer for Santos.

  5. Hmm " whats rhe worst that can happen , dont be a pussy common"

  6. Some other party set off an alarm and we were the ones to get caught by the cops. Thankfully we weren’t from the area so the cop told us to GTFO and not come back. Looking back now we could have run into some addicts or gotten seriously hurt.

  7. Not a movie but Andor was surprisingly fantastic. After two absolute dog shit shows in Kenobi and TBOBF, somehow Andor was an absolute banger.

  8. The heist episode is some of the most riveting programming I’ve ever seen

  9. Ngl, new Puss in Boots movie is straight fire.

  10. as it turns out he literally tore his UCL....

  11. Exactly, I get that they’re paid to be controversial but there’s that and then there’s brain dead takes like theirs.

  12. He was a revelation, had to look him up after taking my kids to see it.

  13. He's been acting in Brazil for about 20 years. Really skilled and amazing actor, I highly recommend checking his works. Really happy he's getting more attention internationally.

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