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  1. CEO of the company said that the company is not doing anything to help the company and that the company has been working on a solution to the problem of the problem and will continue to work with the company to resolve it

  2. I’d like to think it is an alt, but it might likely be BTC again.

  3. Not at all, I think that beauty standards have been so disfigured that we’re now calling unhealthy things beauty standards (like being way underweight).

  4. This is a depending question. It depends on your current body’s reaction to temperature. For me, I can go into a sauna and last 20 minutes and feel great. For others, it drains them and makes them feel exhausted. I don’t think trying it for a few minutes hurts, but if it turns out to be beneficial to you like it was me then keep using it!

  5. Ya I did it for years and found it to be a very helpful for pain and depression/anxiety. Sadly, it makes me anxious and groggy for work so I stopped but no pain medicine compares. You shouldn’t have any negative interactions (from a marijuana user on plaquenil who smoked for 4 years).

  6. Have you tried other strains? Or the patches instead of smoking?

  7. I try a new one every month to see if maybe I grow out of it but it always results in me feeling the same way. I don’t want to stop trying because it really was my best tool.

  8. Happy birthday Kona. You keep doing Kona things for a very long time. Now go ask for scratches and birthday treats.

  9. I’m really sorry you have to deal with both Lupus and RA. You’re not alone and you should never feel embarrassed for listening to your body. I commend you, keep doing what you need to do, regardless of what others may think.

  10. Ah so you basically just have to eat much healthier than you used to and can still have your favorite foods as long as its not all the time?

  11. Yes (27m) with Lupus. Exercise and eat well, can still eat whatever but as Only_Trouble5328 said, moderation is key!

  12. First off, sorry to hear about your recent diagnosis but obviously you’re not alone here. When it comes to this disease, medications can certainly help alleviate some symptoms, including pain, but they’re not a cure. I’m a 27 (M) year old and was diagnosed in 2017, and the pain has been on and off for years even though all of my numbers are in check and I’m in remission. I would stick on the meds and there’s a good chance the pain will lessen, but unfortunately this is a part of everyday life for me when dealing with the disease. I have become more tolerant to the pain, but it never truly stops for me. I wish you all the best, and feel free to DM me if you need to.

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