I would fuck the shit out of my therapist

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  1. What do you mean elasticsearch isn't free anymore?

  2. I swear it’s not bait I’m actually interested and I know you won’t believe me but I actually like Hamilton the most out of all the drivers

  3. I think you need to move to Spain to be considered a senior.

  4. Thanks now my eyes are fucking bleeding because of that joke

  5. Also worth mentioning: I try to live as healthy as possible: I go to the gym, I would maybe say for myself that I am pretty successful for my age, I am finishing up my studies soon.

  6. In general, freelancing is something you do after gaining industry experience for several years. You will need to learn more about how the industry works and how to operate independently to deliver results before you can sell those services to other companies.

  7. Yeah, I didn't think that i would start with it right after finishing my degree. I assume after 2 3 4 5 YOE people can start freelancing, depending on their skills/connections.

  8. That is pretty vague. OP wants more concrete answer like "I know x,y,z protocols. This tool and that tool and this language and that language" etc IMO

  9. Yeah, exactly. I understand that you were good at both hardware and software, but to what extent? What does 'being good' at something for a fresh graduate actually mean?

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