1. I hope you’re wrong but you could def be right but since it says “specific” I’m optimistic that this will lead to actual change in how big tech communicates with users

  2. Good guy eu, looking out for their people while unintentionally making it better for everyone else.

  3. Something something I am better than you, here's why it's invalid and I refuse to accept any argument in favor of it as valid.

  4. Most people won't look as good as Henry Cavill :(

  5. Most people look tens of times better than they think they do

  6. Hopefully it's better implemented than Minecraft RTX. What a colossal letdown that one was.

  7. Wasn't the non official rt shader that came out before way better? Why not use that instead?

  8. Wow people really hurt in here. I remember when ambient occlusion was a GPU killer.

  9. I recently got a 3070 and the other day I bought a few games that look pre-2000s, I think we're good.

  10. You didn't mention what function you want it to accomplish. I personally just have a tablet with an app for macros, use it mostly to switch a couple settings and then as a soundboard.

  11. well, you can probably get the closest to what you want by just getting a cheap used tablet and connecting it through an app, touch portal might be the easiest route to the thing you want, it's paid.

  12. Al otro comentario, agregaría que una distro Linux ligera es lo mas indicado para una PC limitada.

  13. Es más, si es para juegos en una PC con recursos limitados en general corren mejor en Linux por la ausencia de la abundante bazofia de Windows.

  14. Es un celular (SD 845) que no uso y un mando, después uso emuladores de PS2, swicht. Uma spuma

  15. Algún juego nativo? Pascal's wager, bombsquad, wayward souls o algo de eso?

  16. Ah te tiro uno más entonces, super bear adventure, bien a lo Mario 64 pero con cosas propias, honestamente para lo bueno que es me molesta un poco que nunca nadie lo menciona en ningún lado

  17. It was a joke about the "testing the waters" part, like if the teacher could achieve that by asking their students.

  18. I'm sorry for not double-checking before posting, it's fixed now.

  19. It’s probably their first language?

  20. I'm not complaining, just found it really funny. It's my first language too if that's worth anything.

  21. Ni yo hice eso. Jamás tuve problemas en 15 años con los cracks pero si, uno nunca sabe si en una de esas se te metió algo.

  22. Conozco ese sitio, justo mi mail principal fue "pwneado" hace tiempo. Tiene intentos de logueos todos los días, desde hace años. Que sigan intentando jajajaja.

  23. Si, lo de la página de me ocurrió agregar para cualquiera que vea el hilo, no específicamente para vos.

  24. Ojala hubieran venido para aca.... se los llevaron todos los yankies.

  25. Con eso llegaron a la luna, nosotros los habríamos puesto a buscar la forma de hacer vino más barato

  26. It looks really good when you can see the eyebrows, it looks really badass when you can't

  27. Kingdom come: deliverance, poco más de 130 pe. Skyrim pero sin la parte de fantasía (y diez mil veces más pulido)

  28. I don’t know about this company, but I was just in Austria, and it cost 6 euros on top of my ticket to reserve a seat.

  29. Is the price before that a lot? I don't have a reasonable reference point to tell on my own, but if it's already a decently large price before the 6 bucks it sounds insulting.

  30. Tan bien ganan los sindicalistas? nunca vi uno pobre

  31. Che, eso de la sección de negocio o como se llame no existe en las aerolíneas de Argentina? No me peguen por preguntar porfa

  32. Ah yes twitter and their obsession for the age of fictional characters

  33. This dialogue bubble says a bigger number, that means this non sentient drawing is capable of consent

  34. Not exactly what you're looking for, but you might be interested in

  35. Im starting to think that what I'm looking for doesn't exist haha. I'll look into that one and its podcast tho. Ty!

  36. You might be surprised by the amount of people who didn't grow up with sports, in any case don't be afraid to make a post in that community, as I said before that's the point of that podcast, plus the community is wholesome.

  37. Pedi pruebas de Furmark con temperaturas y mirala bien cuando la vayas a buscar, pero no hay casi ninguna diferencia entre una GPU comun y una minada cuidada, te podes encontrar GPUs usadas que vivieron en un gabinete sin ventilacion en muchisimo peor estado que GPUs minadas. Te dejo un video de preubas que realizaron a placas minadas donde muestran que la perdida de rendimiento es minima:

  38. Vale aclarar que no es lo mismo una que se usó sólo para minar que la de un gamer que minaba cuando no estaba jugando, un gamer cualquiera tranquilamente pudo haber descuidado mucho la placa, haberla usado en un gabinete de mierda sin ventilación, sin mucha protección eléctrica, polvo, fumado en la misma habitación que la compu, etc.

  39. Overheard with no context at the bar: ‘the snake blood was ok, it just tasted like human blood.’

  40. Question, is it normal to not have a clue of how human blood tastes? Even if you've never put your bleeding finger in your mouth or something at the very least you've had to have experienced some sort of bleeding in your mouth at least once... Right?

  41. Absolutely it is. It’s just an alarming thing to hear until you’ve had time to put two and two together. I was working so at the time I said to myself, ‘what in the ever-loving fuck….’ and it wasn’t until I sat down after my shift that I was like, ‘oh yeah, he’s probably not talking about guzzling large amounts of other people’s blood.’

  42. Haha fair, of course the snake's blood part is weird too.

  43. I want to believe they're just baiting and aren't actually oblivious of the notion of a female CEO having agency over her own look.

  44. They're identical they're from the same set hyperx fury ram

  45. What are the model numbers? Have you checked in your motherboard's manual if they've been validated in dual channel?

  46. I was gonna tell you it's a wristwatch, but those normally tell time

  47. You sure this one doesn't? It looks like the red stones mark the clock hands and there are red stones in the outer circle that mimic the markings on a clock

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