Assault (Short Animation I made!)

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  • By - ATTF

  1. Awesome. Love the movement and the subtle stuff like the end nod!

  2. Could you fucking imagine if GW looks at this and goes - you know what - fuck it new loyalist primarch release after angron is gonna be Clonegrim

  3. Archmagos-Myrmidax Epsilus Dammek-Yoth

  4. Where'd you get the nameplate? i'v been looking for a way to print these on my own printer, also for bigger bases like Wardogs and Knights

  5. Best shop ever - Versatile Terrain

  6. Not at all to be confused with the notorious arch-heretek Epsilus Dammek-Yoth

  7. Archmagos-Myrmidax Epsilus Dammek-Yoth

  8. Damn, an entire sea of comments and I couldn’t find one person to give me the sauce on this image. Anyone know where it came from, or at least a Hi-Rez image. I kind of love it and want to hang it in my room.

  9. I can tell the 2 plasmas,and a conversion beamer and a cog ax. What's the last one?

  10. Archmagos-Myrmidax Epsilus Dammek-Yoth

  11. Archmagos-Myrmidax Epsilus Dammek-Yoth

  12. Well…. By the gods. They fucking gave reaper better life force gain, dropped reaper shroud consumption, and buffed chilled to the bone!?!?!

  13. Hate to be the bearer of bad news - but they are unusable in 40K. 30k however they are fun as shit and probably the coolest looking army around 👍👍. To give you an idea - there are 5 main classes of Mechanicum army:

  14. Start off with two names - first and last. Then after every battle you give him a title detailing his victories. Play with him so much that the titles become too long to list, so you set up a website for him detailing his victories. Put a QR on the bottom of his base leading to his glorious website.

  15. The swords? Green stuff studios chameleon paint. I think this one is celestial azure

  16. I think I've seen some conversions of that and they look pretty good. I was thinking about something more like the swords.from the vanquishers.

  17. Oh those would be cool too! Honestly custodes work with so many things cause as long as it looks regal it looks good

  18. I would but I got to save for the Christmas box

  19. A Christmas box of just these right 😀

  20. For those who are curious, whether or not, they will be larger than the primaris space marines that joy toy puts out….

  21. For those who are curious, whether or not, they will be larger than the primaris space marines that joy toy puts out….

  22. Grey knight falchions - super cheap (as of now) and look great!

  23. Remember when I said I was done buy custodes…

  24. Remember when I said I was done buy custodes…

  25. Remember when I said I was done buy custodes…

  26. As someone who lives near the towns he mentioned - he can go fuck himself thoroughly.

  27. New to Custodes. What is the big black model shown towards the end of the video?

  28. Forge world: Sisters of Silence Aquisitor.

  29. Holy fuck nut - reaper buffs - AHHHHHHH

  30. I’m lost - who is the police girl?

  31. I keep throwing money at the screen but nothing is happening….

  32. That what it sounded like. I'll still probably get some but it seems like I'm having a very different problem than everyone else. Might make my own post

  33. Honestly - the easiest solution is to drill a hole and glue. Sadly magnetizing both sides would drive me insane

  34. I was considering pinning so that's what I might do. Sorry I should've specified I was talking about the flight stand

  35. You good bruh 👍 - we all just hobbies trying to figure out what to do 🤣😭

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