1. Were you the one that posted the possible Arrabiata Sauce dupe? I can't find it anymore.

  2. lox, tuna salad, tofu scramble, chickpea mash on arugula sounds really good to me.

  3. I haven’t had the angel hair, but the skinny fettuccine is a regular at our house. We love it! Sometimes we mix it with regular noodles as well.

  4. A little bit. In a good way though. My girlfriend and I tried a bunch of different brands and kinds, and the Skinny (particularly the fettuccine) is the only one she liked, and we have it a lot now.

  5. i've found a lot of variance in taste and texture across brands too. thank you for your response.

  6. I recently discovered cacao husk/shell tea. Waaaaay better than these BS "hot chocolate" teas. It actually tastes creamy and chocolaty but has ZERO calories and is caffeine-free so I can drink an entire pot before bed.

  7. This is the company I bought from (they ship to the US and Canada)

  8. i actually think plant based yogurts work best for a really creamy popsicle. i make these for my daughter with coconut milk yogurt, fruit, and a splash of either almond or oat milk (whatever i happen to have open) to thin it out a little.

  9. i don't love the flavor and gums in the ones i've tried. i've tried so delicious, nancy's, forager and kite hill. maybe the kite hill.... but maybe in a pop with fruit....

  10. Do you think dairy yogurt would work well or does it specifically have to be plant based?

  11. a lot of the recipes i've come across call for greek yogurt. in my experience, i don't really like greek yogurt frozen but maybe with fruit it's a different story. the yogurt separates from the water and gets icier than i like.

  12. I finished The Golden Couple by Greer Hendricks and Sarah Pekkanen on audio. Several unexpected surprises which I really enjoyed. I also finished The High Notes by Danielle Steel, a really sweet book that I also enjoyed. The singers really made the book coke to life with their interactions.

  13. i'm on my way to the library to pick up my first sarah pekkanen. they're hard to get at the library.

  14. Just had one tonight. Cut the whole thing into 4 pieces, scoop out the innards like a pumpkin, place it fleshy side up on a baking sheet, sprinkle with salt and pepper, bake for 35 mins at 400. The edges should look a little brown and you should easily be able to poke all the way through the flesh with a fork when it's done. Then just shred the flesh off the peel with a fork. If it's in any way crunchy and/or doesn't easily come off the peel then it's not done yet.

  15. Yeah cutting it is definitely the hardest part! I usually just power through with a good knife but I have read that you can microwave it for about 3 minutes to soften it up before cutting it. Just make sure you poke a bunch of holes with a fork beforehand so it doesn't explode!

  16. all of my faves too. looks amazing. i love the pre-steamed beets. the texture difference between those and the roasted asparagus must have been excellent!

  17. Bone broth was my secret weapon when I was doing keto, you should check that out. A lot of places, like Costco, have it premade in those paper milk carton jugs. A 3 pack was like $20 but it's a fantastic craving cutter.

  18. what type of broth did you use specifically? did you limit the number so as not to take in too much protein via broth? thx.

  19. It was just “bone broth”. I’m. A fairly big guy so I don’t usually worry about protein too much. It doesn’t have so much that I could see it be too much but then again I don’t think I’ve ever worried about protein.

  20. perhaps try coconut water, coconut cream or aloe juice in a small quantity with plain water and the juice only 1 orange.

  21. one side hummus, one side mustard, and I sprinkled the nutritional yeast on the hummus :)

  22. Me the chocolate covered peppermint Jo Jo's I am on my last box and I am trying to make it last the longest possible but they are so good 🥹

  23. Yes, I got them at Aldi's. They are good but not quite the same as the Jo Jo's.

  24. I read Cobble Hill and I thought it was pretty terrible--the writing is clumsy, the characters are really poorly drawn (it makes no sense why anyone does what they do, and so many emotions/thoughts are hinted at only to go absolutely nowhere). I'd pass on it.

  25. Stick with the same approach. Should still be roughly the same amount of protein, all chicken shrinks when its cooked (adding salt water to meat isnt't legal here so can't comment on that, but loosing 70% of its volume is a lot , try and source chicken from elsewhere if you can or look for one with less salt on the label)

  26. Its normal to lose about 25% of volume when cooked. Calories and macros will be unchanged

  27. Not my favourite form of soy bean, but I do enjoy it.

  28. the taste is fine but i feel ill the morning after consuming any vinegars.

  29. Has anyone experienced a tummy ache/pains after having 1st Phorm Vegan protein? I was gifted a tub by a friend to try and had some yesterday morning but was killed with cramps/pain by the evening.

  30. i've had TONS of vegan protein and several not all digest well. it could be the sweeteners, fillers, or the specific protein blend. i can't digest sun warrior vegan protein powders without stomach pain/cramps and yet i drink whey daily now with zero issues. you can try lowering the amount you're using or experimenting with a different milk (if you're using one) but it could be their specific formula

  31. Oh thank you, appreciate your response! It's good to know it's not just me imagining it. I had 15g with water, so will try a milk once more and see if it's the same. Tummy was fine yesterday when I went back to normal whey so I am suspicious the vegan blend might be a problem. Annoying as I have 2kg of the stuff!!

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