Translation, 2044 Bond Payment - 02/01/2023

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  1. Hey, sorry life/work has been brutal. I do have an update that I was planning on posting like later today or tomorrow. I think it's warrants its own post. I'll give you a reply once it's done.

  2. Monday on open itโ€™s not too hard dummy

  3. LOL no. The T+2 settlement wouldn't settle until Tuesday at the earliest.

  4. Why is there always a rush at the end of the day? Is that shorts trying to close without letting the price get out of hand? Or people trying to get in before the next trading session?

  5. I saw two ducks fucking in a pond and I saw that as a sign.

  6. Because he bought all the stocks. So if he bought all the stocks he owns all the companies, and if he owns all the companies than the free market isn't really free, and if the market isn't free then it means the market is a slave and you know what else is a slave? Retail! But, here is where it gets wild! R is actually the 18th letter in the alphabet and so if you take the 18 plus the three companies that he's gonna own (GME, BBBY, NORDSTROM) add it to the 1 in front of 18 and reverse it that equals 84!!!!! How many years did that hag in titanic wait? 84!

  7. Yeah, a Hermes Birkin bag! It was like almost fucking free so why wouldn't you take it?

  8. The article says it was published 8:00pm from the FUTURE!!!!


  10. Could I get a user flair that say's "BBBY Janitorial Staff"?

  11. So they went for the nuclear option and essentially a kill shot only to find out that it wasnโ€™t enough.

  12. Retail can't do shit on this scale. If it was us, it was when we purchased and held days, weeks, months, years prior. We're just seeing its culminative effects.

  13. When a stock is both up and down simultaneously. The stock market is such a joke...

  14. Someone get him on the phone. We need to get his thoughts on this!

  15. One is only a translation from the Italien post

  16. No I just checked and asked a few more colleagues and the tally is that we have upwards to 69 confirmations and growing.

  17. This is good to know. I've got 23k shares, I want to be true, just eager to temper expectations lol.

  18. You really think that someone would do that? Just go on the internet and tell lies?

  19. Yup, my bishop said the same thing when he was making sure my salvation hole was clean.


  21. Once again, what am I looking at? I just see two floating men spooning each other.

  22. Aye, tomorrow. If not tomorrow, the following day. But remember, tomorrow's tomorrow, might be today!

  23. Until it's yesterday and you're staring at earth on your way to the moon.

  24. Time becomes relative as we inch closer to light speed from all this rocket fuel.

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