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  1. $100M in booking? I wanna see how much money they made so far with the shop in ow2. Me and my 50 shares lol

  2. I say “close” if it’s a stomp either way just to lighten the mood. I had it done to me when my team got stomped and I was actually loling

  3. Tbf, the third boss from nioh 1 was quite a challenge to new players. It was that weird lady with the umbrella that paralyzed right? That definetly bathtized you for a while. After that fight i don't think i got stuck in any other fight until the Ice witch.

  4. Wasn’t she the second boss…? Third was Nue I think

  5. I don’t think settings matter too much it’s mostly just about preference, but if you really want to know you’ll have to give me a bit til I get on to check

  6. I’d also be interested. I’m a washed ex-T500 DPS player. If you have settings for Hanzo/Ashe/Sojourn/Widow that would be great

  7. I used to be a T500 player (now mid master). The response is in the right. You won’t learn shit from playing against GM Smurfs in fucking gold. Even when I was in T500 I used to get absolutely dunked on by pro players. Wasn’t even close. Only thing I learned is that I didn’t fair any better than a bronze would have so I learned some humility I guess.

  8. Want to stay as a team? Figure it out within the next 2 seconds!

  9. i still don't understand why i can't invite ppl to my group if they're already in a group...

  10. You're mad that you can pay $20 for a whole year of online while playstation charges $60? Or youre talking about something different?

  11. nintendo online is dogshit compared to other others

  12. I used to drop $50 per event to get the new skins. Now I can’t be bothered to play them.

  13. If you spent $50 before why not now? For me I never spent any money but was excited for these events so I could grind out lootboxes and see what I got

  14. Same here. Went from ~3200 SR peak diamond in OW1, climbing from mid plat in placements, to Silver 2 last season. Just demoralizing.

  15. I was high masters in OW1 and placed bronze 5 S1. Climbed to Diamond 1 and got placed plat 5 in S2. i'm done with this game after this season. 9/10 games have been stomped/get stomped and it isn't even fun. i played 30 seasons in ow1 and can't be arsed to do this anymore.

  16. Delete this game mode and put back 2CP. This is coming from someone whose soul died a little every time 2CP was played in OW1. I contemplate quitting a the game every time push comes up

  17. Damn if you just waited a week, you could’ve gotten it for free bro

  18. awesome collection! i just finished 100 plats as well. we have some overlap with out games. how was the hot wheels plat for you? i used to love hot wheels, just haven't had time to go through my backlog...which also includes a ton of games lol

  19. Already knew you’re from FL with a comment like that lmao


  21. He fucked over Boston which is obviosly a professional thing to do when coming back to your roots.

  22. what did he do specifically? soft throw games or something?

  23. Oof absolutely brutal watching that from winton’s pov

  24. Finally. I’m finally able to witness a copypasta being born

  25. Man I hate everything about push. Watching, playing, even thinking about it lol. At least this map is okay

  26. Overheard in Shock locker room after Game 7:
“He got me,” Proper said of Edison’s rail over him. "That f***ing Edison boomed me."
Proper added, “He’s so good,” repeating it four times.
Proper then said he wanted to add Edison to the list of players he works out with this summer.

  27. terrible beat from violet right in front of the bubble lmao

  28. Guys they would have lost either way. He nearly got bursted down anyway.

  29. he might've been able to buy enough time for someone else to come touch payload though. we'll never know though. both superich and shy were dead

  30. did hadi get booped there? man so much for that reduced knockback lol

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