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  1. Failboat is something I would recommend. He does legitimate vanilla play throughs and adds funny commentary. He also does mods but he’s still fun to watch. He streams on twitch and makes the edited versions on YouTube

  2. I remember when I 100% extra epic yarn. I thought it was a great game for being on the 3ds. I didn’t have a wii so I wasn’t sure if the original was better but playing this game made me assume that it was good enough to qualify for a remake especially since it would be the last game to be on the 3ds.

  3. I think smant hid in this spot and got found almost instantly

  4. It was either smant or fir I can’t remember but I do know it was an unintentional find cause I think poo was rolling down next to it

  5. Too much of a good thing can become a bad thing

  6. "Is there any lore reason why Susie has pink hair while being fatherless? What did Vince mean by this?"

  7. In the pres. haltmann description, I believe it said that he lost his daughter in an accident and created Susie as a replacement for his daughter. Susie’s full name is Susanna Patrya Haltmann

  8. Apparently the ndc civilians are like 2 meters tall

  9. Well let’s say that each piece of mecha wiggled is one ndc civilian long. If we use this form of measurement, wiggled phase 1 would be about 18 meters long and phase 2 would be about 32 meters long

  10. Probably. I mean, we still have characters created by the Void, but I don't think the Dark Matter bosses trend will continue

  11. Or maybe they will return. It’s just a setup for the dark matter’s big finale in which they will throw everything they got at Kirby. We might even get a 03

  12. They’re just little Easter eggs that sometimes give you hearts or coins

  13. Same thing can be asked as to why god created humanity

  14. Maybe some add ons could be the stripes on his suit, his chair and maybe even the armor

  15. Yes, but not that way. If I remember correctly you need to vault from the top of the rock with the door

  16. 1 there’s an even faster way of doing it 2 it has been discovered years ago

  17. I'm sure it's been used in other things too. It's not exactly a good or very original joke. It's just the place I saw it first.

  18. I haven’t played any animal crossing so thanks for enlightening me

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