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some new gameplay footage for my london underground game! any thoughts?

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  1. I am obsessed with longrow but I can never find it , I’m a bit jealous of your bottle 😉

  2. Douglas Laing bottles and Compass Box bottles have some great designs. The liquid is great too!

  3. The Gauldrons is up there with my favorite whiskies of all time, looking forward to getting a bottle someday

  4. My club is Livingston in the Scottish Prem, we'd absolutely take him but his weekly wage is more than the rest of the team combined.

  5. This, this, this. I know people have been lucky enough to have their Straw Cap NOT leak but Yeti themselves say it is “leak resistant.” If your Rambler with a Straw Cap is on its side it will eventually leak. This matters if you carry it in a pack or bag with other items that are not water friendly, like paperwork/homework, a laptop or other electronic devices.

  6. I my yeti lives sideways in a bag pretty much all day so maybe this isn’t the lid for me after all 😅

  7. Love the straw cap, they redesigned it a few years ago to fix potential leak issue. The current mode doesn’t leak but if flying the pressure can cause water to come out the opening when trying to drink initially.

  8. I only have two yeti products and the king crab orange 28 oz is one of them, I use it literally all day every day, I love the color so much

  9. If you can’t get one from yeti or your local hardware store I think they are still available around me, I’d mail you one. I know what it’s like to lose a great color. (RIP 36oz KCO bottle!)

  10. I have the 24oz KCO and I use it all day every day!

  11. I'm perfectly fine with this. You can't get much organic than this. Long live the cappy crew

  12. https://twitter.com/discordecke/status/1517269891249750018?t=VGdHeRQdD-bFa8LdrclWiQ&s=19

  13. I’ve reverse image searched, and I’ve looked up a bunch of descriptive characteristics but this isn’t my forté

  14. It would be great if they had actually put a few cans out there :D

  15. That's awesome Felix. Did you drink it or just keep it as a collectable?

  16. I kept it as a souvenir! it came in a little clear acrylic box with a card signed by QT to display it so that’s on my bookshelf 😅

  17. I have one of these as a ring, my dad used to wear it every day and gave it to me over Christmas, took me a second to realise why it seemed so familiar 😅

  18. If you are looking to play that style of music I would say get a tenor banjo. While it is possible to play that stuff on a 5 string the scale and string tension would present unnecessary obstacles. Also a bonus of playing Tenor is that if you ever want to learn how to play mandolin, bouzouki, or mandola it’s a fairly easy transition. I have played violin & mandolin for many years and the few times I have played tenor banjo it’s been a very natural easy process while with 5 string I am able to piece together some stuff from my guitar background, but it’s a less intuitive situation. The goal of tenor banjo isn’t necessarily to end up playing instruments in the mandolin family, but if you are playing Celtic folk stuff it might be a nice card to have up your sleeve.

  19. I would really love to pick up the mandolin and the bouzouki someday so this seems perfect!

  20. Absolutely I really appreciated the gift! I just fell bad vaciase I know how expensive US/U.K. shipping is

  21. Just downloaded! I’ve been playing for about 20 min and I’m in love! My new bus ride game for sure :)

  22. I’ve spent the last 4 years living all over Europe and I’m proud to call Scotland my new home! (Came here for uni but I have UK citizenship so I’d really like to stay) but anyway, Scotland is a lovely place, did get mugged once in broad daylight which really wasn’t fun (first time ever for me and I grew up in the Bronx 🥲)but I like to think that I was unlucky in that situation

  23. Check large Tesco stores, they usually have the 6 packs. Used to live in Edinburgh and seemed to be the most consistent place - moved to Fife and Tesco is still the only place I can find them.

  24. One sachet is salt the other is cocaine as the cornershop cartel have upped their drug trafficking during the crisis. Don't mix them up and give the crisps to your kid. I'm sat here now with my eyes watering lile feck and my nose stinging like a bitch and the kid is just running around bouncing off the walls at a thousand miles an hour.

  25. I’ve spent most of my summers since I was a kid in SE Ohio! Just spent the last few months helping to move my uncle up to Columbus!

  26. My Gromit mug i bought earlier this year is one of my prized possessions

  27. I can fast forward to exact moments in songs before the song starts playing

  28. Someone actually did do something very similar with one of the Glasgow police boxes (aka TARDIS), called it "Coppuccino" (groan). Last time I passed it though it looked like his lease had expired as it was once again a plain old police box.

  29. There’s a lot of these in Edinburgh that are still being run as coffee shops

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