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  1. Love the comic and art style but just FYI, "octopuses" and "incredibly"

  2. I know, it’s killing me. I bet an octopus would have spelled it all correctly.

  3. It's implied that it's him but I agree some sick guy would share this on red pill subs and successfully explain how it's ACKSHUALLY her lol

  4. Procreate with an apple pencil. Reddit’s compression algorithm squashes them down and makes them a bit pixelly, particularly for red. Better quality on the website usually.

  5. So in the future phones will be geese. Got it.

  6. I appreciate the mention of propaganda, but Cathartic Gorn could have also been mentioned

  7. That has some impressive tail after initially hooking

  8. Someone is going to edit this comic to add a second, near-identical skyscraper next to the one that got hit.

  9. I toyed with different versions. Wasn’t sure if it was too much to put the old wtc in. Was also thinking of having him say ‘shit shit shit not again!’

  10. I feel this so hard. Office restrooms are the worst because you can see people's shoes under the stall doors so there's the fear that people will know that you were the one who wrecked the toilets.

  11. The great agony of the 21st century work place is the quest to find that one toilet that no one knows about that you can totally poop in.

  12. this looks like it was drawn by a first grader

  13. I drew the original, and I don't think it's so bad. I mean, let's just pause for a moment and remember early Garfield:

  14. Most Australians would agree that person with the white ibis is the weirdest one of them all...

  15. all hail the mighty bin chicken, drinker of bin juice

  16. Poor Ibis. It just wants to eat trash. We should support its decisions and give it a cuddle.

  17. There is an entire song that will tell you why the bird person is the worst one here, if that bird person’s favourite bird is an Ibis.

  18. https://knowyourmeme.com/memes/nobody-asks-how-is-x

  19. Gotta improve that self love, that self image. Only then will waldo truly find his place in this world.

  20. Found him! Now find the scroll. Hint: it’s under the Wizard.

  21. Everyone asks where's Waldo but nobody asks how's Waldo.

  22. *continental philosophers, perhaps?

  23. Analytic philosophers are not immune to existential dread, they just hold it inside and then weep into their completeness proofs.

  24. It is our mortality that gives our actions meaning, not the reverse. An immortal would have no stake in anything because nothing they did or didn't do would matter.

  25. Interesting! I worry that without a grand purpose, even a mortal life is meaningless. Our lives may be as meaningful as asteroids bumping into one another.

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