1. Devils advocate: are we sure she isn’t showering but just not washing her hair?

  2. I have a reason for every question asked. I wish someone I knew would post this to their Facebook

  3. How photoshopped is that other jordan from last year. Doesn't even look like him. LOL. Ridiculous

  4. I find her beyond annoying. I saw her make a video complaining about people “stealing her workouts” as if people haven’t been walking on a treadmill to the beat of music for YEARS

  5. Isn’t the point of an influencer posting workouts for people to “steal” them?

  6. That’s what I was thinking when I saw her video on it. She was upset others were making playlists for people to walk to for a workout. I just laughed to myself because I remember my grandma walking to the beat of music when I was younger. This person just gives off entitled, out of touch influencer vibes

  7. Seriously, that’s the most basic, least effort possible workout content she can do. People have been walking to music for years. Maybe she stole that shit from your grandma!

  8. Auto sum isn’t an advanced function that you need an excel class to learn how to use it 🥴

  9. That’s what I was thinking! Like I suck at excel and even I know how to do the auto sum function

  10. It looks like modified/progressed pilates movements. The first one looks like a mix of the double leg stretch and teaser and the second is an extension. Not really classical/traditional moves but looks like a pilates influence at least

  11. Lmao this is funny from any “influencer “ but freaking hilarious coming from her!

  12. Ahhh okay that’s what makes sense. I doubt it was a big public thing bc Hannah isn’t passive aggressive/trashy like Sarah but no doubt Sarah’s actions/lack thereof and words with systemic racism issues in the country/world speak loudly to someone like Hannah who is loving, kind, inclusive, married to a black man and mothering two interracial children. Sarah could NEVER be 1/8 of the person Hannah is.

  13. Totally agree, I love Hannah. IIRC, it wasn’t a big thing, more just Hannah posted something referencing her lack of response

  14. OK then I probably saw that also. I was thinking the original reference meant something else. I wanted to make sure I didn’t somehow miss something.

  15. I know people tend to like Suzi but I think she’s super obnoxious. I also feel like she has been doing a lot of body checking lately.

  16. I used to love her but she has gotten kind of insufferable lately. And yes, tons of body checking since she’s lost weight

  17. Postpartum hair loss, terrible/lack of nutrition, unhealthy weight loss… but yeah, no totally kelvins fault

  18. Why is she meal prepping for the kids, why not just make the meals day to day. Also why tf is she making these meals/food combinations?

  19. There’s another post here that Josh posted on his reels. Like texts from Sarah and one was basically begging him to help saying her libido was shot because she was so sleep deprived

  20. I feel like all powders harden after sitting for a while but to become a literal rock? That’s crazy

  21. Is this not any different than at a park lol…..my kids have been to more dangerous parks 😂😂😂😂 they’re right there

  22. That’s a good point actually. Is it much different than climbing up a slide?

  23. I let my kid climb the ladder to a slide but I wouldn’t let him do this. The difference (to me) is the sharp, distanced steps and the hardwood floor. A playground has sand/mulch/rubber and the steps are usually roundish plastic or metal (no super sharp edges) and the steps are closer together built for a child. Idk. If I did this, I would be behind him with my hands ready, not on my phone. I think that’s the main thing people have a problem with.

  24. That makes sense. The rails would definitely be closer together on a slide than a ladder

  25. At least she’s wearing actual pants in the second picture and standing with friends. There’s so much wrong with the first picture on top of the toe.

  26. I’ve used titan fitness products before, my husband and I have several things from them in our home gym and it’s pretty decent. But the review is not great and in this case, I feel like it’s a “you get what you pay for” situation.

  27. Maybe just name your shit yourself and stop asking followers to do your work for you, geeze

  28. Right!? Although the best names she came up with for her collections were "seamless" "effortless" and "lounge" so I can understand why she might need some creative direction 😆

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