1. My new company provides everything. Tools, uniform, PPE. Everything

  2. Alot of people ask who created the cone 🤔 many people suspect hands were involved 🧐

  3. Unbelievable offer - the person that gets it has the greatest opportunity here….. wow 🫶🏼🚀👑

  4. Wow crazy! I wonder if it uses quickswap in the background?

  5. It’s the same like swapping using metamask’s swap button. They made an aggregator that’s connected to a bunch of dexes so it gets you the best price, while they take an extra 0.85% fee on top of quickswap’s 0.3%.

  6. I think most of us don't want that as we can see the negative consequences of downvoting like in CC subreddit

  7. That post an hour ago beat both of ya. It was posted so fast the graph had not populated anything yet lol

  8. Got to be in it to win it lads, try and beat me on the coingecko listing next time! LFC!!!!!

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