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  1. Mass adoption happens when there are signs in shop windows that say BTC accepted here

  2. Correct. If I travel internationally and have a choice to buy groceries or goods in BTC everywhere I go, this is mass adoption.

  3. Grateful for their contribution to our bags 💰

  4. No doubt about it. This is the one. Gonna be worth at least 7 quarterly reports!

  5. Hahahahaha, made me nearly spit out my drink at this comment

  6. No. They follow Associated Press rules, where if I am not willing to divulge my real full name, they cannot use a quote from me.

  7. Too bad you don’t fall into “people familiar with the matter” category like every other news article.

  8. I'll just say that I bought Algo purely because of the shilling here, and I'm down 88%, with minimal hope of breaking even.

  9. It looks like you are asking about Moons. The answer to your question may be found here in the official Moons FAQ:

  10. The FED certainly knows how to regulate, and our glorious SEC is catching all of the bad actors!

  11. "It's a fact that since 2021 with Archegos we never left the headlines. We were overtaken by legacy situations by risks that materialized last year. We were affected by a market model that does no longer work in this market environment. And many clients have been very loyal for a very long time. And last autumn we had this social media storm and this had huge repercussions. More in the retail sector than in the wholesale sector. And too much becomes too much. And that's when we reached this point. It's accumulation of various facts that contributed to one another and then materialized at some point and this then caused the situation.”

  12. Your telling me these girls don’t really like me 😞

  13. Luckily for me it doesn't show that option. Only way to backup is to reddit.

  14. I too have it backed up to Reddit. Hoping this method is also safe

  15. I see a future where BTC and crypto exist harmoniously with stocks, but that is just me.

  16. That’s the meeting where they decide to stays alive and who dies, whoever didn’t get invited is out already lol

  17. Your username says that you’re more into Microsoft edging than Microsoft edge.

  18. Thank you for the reminder post! I almost missed a few polls. Happy moon week!

  19. Idk about yall but everyday I get older I lose memory. This is a recipe for disaster and far to much responsibility for my few brain cells.

  20. Exactly. Napkin works best, then store that seed phrase napkin under your sink for safe keeping!

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