1. Nah its the North Atlantic Kingdom of bridgersan next to Costa Rica and lesotho

  2. About what? I just said you said the point that I was trying to make

  3. Bro for 2 of them you just took a photo of your monitor

  4. Canada has no stem, drc has no star, Georgia isn't a country, palau is centered, south africa is wrong Indonesia is poland

  5. I doubt he has had hundreds of messages as he does every other time anything playbutton related ever happens

  6. These are the posts we dont need on the reddit

  7. Bro nobody wants his minecraft back, His "which of my subscribers has the most subscribers" is once a year, And he does playbutton videos because that's what his subscribers want.

  8. This is really cool! But what’s funny is that there is two Syrian flags.

  9. There are, they’re both on the left side

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