1. Personally I've found kratom to be as effective as Percocet. Without having to constantly increase my dose overtime as had to do in the past with traditional pain meds.

  2. Well I just took 3.3 grams maeng da with OJ.im in a great mood, with lots of energy.

  3. Rso is the best bang for your buck in the ohio program. Revel has one usually runs about 750mgs for 40 and only takes 1 Day compared to the 7 it would take if was gummies or whatever. You can also infuse absolutely anything with it..dab it. Or just eat plain..

  4. Go North good friend..prices are so much better and as a med patient you can get top shelf.

  5. I would suggest RSO or Feco for the ultimate pain relief although it does come with a fairly decent high..so maybe once you get more acclimated to cannabis give it a go. Chronic pain survivor since 99' spent the first 3 yrs in the medical marijuana program trying everything but, rso as I thought it was just another edible. Well, I was super wrong. This stuff is my main goto. I can infuse absolutely anything I want with it. Make my own tincture, salve..and of course amazing edibles.

  6. Rso or Feco for pain. Try switching up strains.. I notice this when get stuck smoking on the same thing for any longer than a week or so..variety keeps your ecs on its toes..

  7. Iheartjane..or leafly may help. I usually ask my bud tender. Or when it's not listed on the menu have you bud tender pull a few strains so you can find the one with the best terps..

  8. This doesn't due it justice..I remember hearing them take off outta Wright Patterson Air Base on 911..the sonic boom was insane..

  9. Try cutting that 7 in half .. been daily doser almost 6 yrs. Take 3.5 g 3 x a day. Less is more. I was taking high doses upwards of 12 grams a dose few yrs ago. Realized that it was a shit tin of plant material to be pushing through my inerds..so, just dropped my dose..took it back to 3.5 that I knew was my previous sweet spot. If you unaware Kratom works on a Bell Curve. And there is a sweet spot that you'll get the most benefit from your Kratom. It's a process that takes about half a day but, well worth the time when you actually hit that sweet spot.

  10. I will gladly help you dispose of them into a nice fertile soil in a climate controlled room..

  11. I second the RSO. Take a good slab of that sweet nectar of the gods about 90 to 120 mins prior to partaking in whatever method you prefer and I guarantee you'll get where your tryn to go. Personally love Galenas and Certified when looking for premium flower. Klutch has had some really good carts-pods...If you tend to lean towards Indica or Sativa Maybe give the other a try. I'm a hard-core Indica guy myself but, have grabbed a few Sativa just to give my ecs a change.

  12. I'm still baffled by these posts..I see at least one a week. In regards to diminished sex drive. I've yet to experience this. 45 male daily doser for going on 6 years. I still wanna get down like I did when I was 16..now as far as prescribed pain meds I did run across some issues. Although I was being extremely over prescribed everything as it was the late 90s early 2000s the height of the pill mill..pop up pain clinics. And was at 600 mgs of morphine a day. 5 x 120mg pills. Looking back with the realization of what an insane amount of pain meds that actually was..

  13. I still have all my firearms. I definitely didn't just hand them away. Just stops the purchase pf new firearms..and yes legally puts you in a bind. I'm sure there's a way to cancel your prescription and referral. Possibly send an email to the provider that gave the recommendation..or just do like the rest of us..if need something new have a family member or close friend make that purchase for ya.

  14. New Hope Botanicals , Purelife, MitraMan, Kats , That one place. I've had greens from each..none has disappointed.

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