1. Yup. My reaper was planted at the same time. Still nothing. The tabasco and Serrano immediately adjacent and planted at the same time? Glorious.

  2. My Serrano and shishito have put out for the past 6months 3 at a time. no matter how long it sits, I only get 3, I clip, then 3 more grow, repeat..

  3. Seriously, they are crazy expensive now. I'll probably have to downgrade soon or cancel my plan altogether.

  4. I'd get one of those sinks that can be covered by a cutting board (flush, no gaps).. I'd like to have prep/cook space without being limited by a cabinets ..

  5. Gotcha, alright so what you’re saying is I need to leave rolls of toilet paper in the garden and the critters will cleanup after themselves? Or more like dogs and I leave tiny bags for them to pickup themselves?!😉

  6. Actually it's me .. I'm more like "salt bae" with my poo in your garden, I just pull leaves back and sprinkle sprinkle ..JK...

  7. I didn't scrub it, but salted it to perhaps more comfort (less) than a "generous" amount that seems to be required. I rubbed it in with fresh squeezed lemon juice from one lemon + 2-3 oz of the diluted lemon juice in a bottle .

  8. If it works it work... But idk... Most kitchens I've worked in you usually salt scrub It till all the sticky/slimy ness is gone..then a low slow braise, maybe confit it?.. if you rush itll just become rubber... After a brazing, you can finish it lightly on a grill..as for brining it, why? It's already salty..

  9. my priority is to tenderize it to where I can break it up into a soup. not trying to crisp it up, needs to be a soft dish.

  10. If it's a home thing, that's on you, go for it... Restaurant style or for otheres, I'd prefer to see chunks or your whole testicles... I'm mean the whole tentacle... Lolz . Just watch out on the saltiness..

  11. Plastic utensils, in kitchens we use them 1time then throw out ... Always taste your food

  12. Maybe going for a little less heat in it. When dealing with these though, a little less heat is not very noticeable, lol.

  13. I got 2 fruits on mine currently, even green they looks like death . But that's what I want. 2 will make some spicy sauce. I figured if it's too hot dilute with other ingredients..

  14. I've owned riveted pans that I've used heavily for a decade with no loosening or issues at all. I think you're using shitty riveted pans.

  15. So it's not the rivets, it's the build quality. Shitty welds will break, too.

  16. You can change the color of those by changing the pH of the soil I believe...

  17. Interesting. Very interesting response...

  18. Big difference in failure to do your job/ conviction rate and deaths of the innocent/people in general..

  19. Yeah you're not helping your case tbh..

  20. I never said anything about the death or killing, your twisting the situation to something else . Cops= POS. How ever you apply that term is on you.

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