1. That mb in the picture is the Gigabyte B450 Aorus. Is that right or is it really a B350 board?

  2. https://www.gigabyte.com/Ajax/SupportFunction/Getcpulist?Type=Product&Value=6634

  3. https://dlcdnets.asus.com/pub/ASUS/Accessory/Power_Supply/Manual/RECOMMENDED_PSU_TABLE.pdf

  4. Yes bc the fancy motherboard you spent money on comes with a nifty manual that if you READ will tell you what that antenna is/does/where it goes…. Just sayin

  5. Wow…. People really don’t like this comment. I thought it was funny

  6. Not really, I got the Intel Arc A770 mostly because of the price. I also wasn't sure that the i9 13th gen was a "best of the best". I assumed it was Ryzen 9 7000 series to be that, according to people I know at work.

  7. Again, you bought a A770, that’s not a high end gpu. If you have enough money left in your budget for a i9, I think you should seriously consider returning the gpu for something better.

  8. I also did that so I'm not spending too much money on other components, like monitors. Some 4k monitors were a bit too much for me, so I'll just go for 1440p and 1080p resolutions. What would be a better/best CPU combo for the Arc A770?

  9. i just want High Performance is all i wanna play games like cyberpunk on max settings with no frame drops

  10. SLI typically makes frame drops worse given the need to communicate between two cards.

  11. Even though the 3070 is gaming oc? And the 3080ti is the eagle one?

  12. Yes. A 3080ti is a 3080ti. No matter how “good” the 3070 is, it’s never catching a 3080ti, not even close

  13. I think you’re overpaying for a itx motherboard in a case that can fit up to Matx. I also highly recommend getting a ssd for a build like that.

  14. If you’re talking about that bios warning, you can ignore it.

  15. I just want to downsize the size of my pc, I’m not working well with the conditions I’m in and it just looks good. The only problem I would have is the size of my you, which is a rx 5600xt I think, I feel like dimensions come into play with a pc case this size

  16. They do, but they have the maximum tolerances for all that in the specs.

  17. That's not gonna happen, a SFX PSU can't handle the power draw spikes that the 3090ti does. (It's probably also going to overheat)

  18. That cable gets connected the power supply, not the motherboard

  19. I have a ASUS ROG strix 550w gold psu, i don't see any spot where it will plug into

  20. There is a cable that should come with the power supply. It should have the right end.

  21. How much does the Hyper 212 cost? It would be great if you could format that list into Pcpartpicker for us, makes life easier.

  22. Will that put extra strain on the mboard or give rise to any possible problems?

  23. Well, that’s the issue isn’t it. The FX series was sub par when it came out and it’s only aged poorly since then.

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