1. To me, it looks light and fluffy whereas underproved bread tends to look heavy & dense apart from a few very large bubbles. Wondering if your bubbles are more a result of dry flour causing separation during shaping? I'm not a pro by any means & am curious what others think. It looks like a tasty loaf!

  2. For insane violence and gore you have to go to the Germans and Japanese.

  3. Yes! Adding Helldriver to list of Japanese ultra gore-fest to be thorough, but I love Tokyo Gore Police more.

  4. My void loves the same mousy! The tail is gone but he still carries it around and plays fetch with it

  5. My void also loves this mouse! As well as the more greenish one that came with it. She carries them around the house and loves to bat them around on the stairs. She has lots of other toys but these cheap mice (the ones we have, anyway) have been her faves for years.

  6. Big cat seems to be telegraphing their "attacks" and being gentle with tiny kitten. They are extremely adorable!

  7. The comments about this movie are making me really curious! Just watched the trailer but can't find it streaming for free. Will be on the lookout for it.

  8. Oh I agree with you. I actually meant it's not available for free on streaming services that I already pay for- a telling slip that it's become the norm for subscription services to have tiers allowing them to charge viewers multiple times for the privilege of using their sites.

  9. Park Chan-Wook's Vengeance Trilogy, particularly Lady Vengeance. There is torture in all 3 films but torturing a man is most central to the story of Lady Vengeance. Not horror per se but each film is uniquely and viscerally horrifying.

  10. I feel this, so sorry! I hope they give you metformin (and/or other options too) without you having to beg. Metformin helped a lot with insulin resistance for me but at a certain point, I couldn't handle the side effects. I didn't have side effects in the beginning but my doc kept writing inconsistent scripts, so I changed my dose up and down accordingly. I recommend having your doc gradually raise your dose, it can be easier to acclimate to gradually reaching correct dose but some endos are clueless.

  11. She's a lovely floof! Very thoughtful of you to get this chair for her, lol. Hope you get to try it out, too

  12. Most cats have those spots but they show up best on voids whose skin is lighter than their fur. Cats seem to love getting scritches on that area!

  13. Oh. Well, that's good then. At first I was thinking that was some bad customer service. lol.

  14. I clean my Mason jar every time I feed my starter; should I not be doing that?

  15. I do this too. I transfer my starter in a bowl for feeding and reflexively wash the jar while the starter is in the bowl for a few hours. It's oddly satisfying.

  16. It's so fucked up that people regularly have this kind of response to us. I can't imagine people minimizing another disease which they have not personally experienced.

  17. Even though I bake multiple times a week, my family still goes feral over fresh bread.

  18. The rule is that all medical commercials must show happy people. They must be happy even if the product will cause oily anal leakage, permanent Malört face, cannibalistic zombieism, and in rare cases death.

  19. Looks delicious! Never had pizza from this region & I like the idea of incorporating giardiniera.

  20. Is it all the time or with a certain recipe? Asking because some cakes do this due to the proportion of baking powder being off. Sometimes it's the recipe's fault. If it tastes as good as it looks to me, I'd be happy!

  21. My kitty also loves a wool dryer ball!

  22. Mine too! I have to be careful she doesn't get to them because they belong to a housemate, lol. I should get some just for her

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