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  1. Hopping in to also request a link if I could please!

  2. I've kinda grown to despise five guys after giving it around a half dozen tries and feeling like my wallet got beaten down just for me to be so underwhelmed. They are easily one of the most overrated, overhyped, under-delivering food joints in the common lexicon.

  3. Heck yes〜 The cutie deserves to be spooned and pet, empty head welcomed, teheheee

  4. This is just the comment I was looking for! Agreed!

  5. Unironically 100% yes! Let's go hike out somewhere like in that pic. I'm good to keep you warm〜

  6. Same time orgasms while frotting is like high-tier intimate and top-tier hot, love it 💖

  7. Big dick bottoms, like you, are very valid, and very fun for a wide variety of tops, promise 💖

  8. I did! They fixed the site. Turns out it offers 2XP and Challenge Swaps when you submit receipts (if I remember correctly).

  9. Gotchaaa, thanks for letting me know... I think my receipt was rejected for no good reason, like with the other people that replied to you. Fuck hot pockets in the ear lmao

  10. Well if there rejected I want a reason, if the picture isn't clear or something. See this is why they should just print codes in the boxes. Like they did years ago with Halo 3.

  11. Couldn't agree with you more! The Rockstar promo did it right at least, but I hate classic Rockstar, so it hardly helps me

  12. My roomie got "Princess" and I got "Faye" by us both just like

  13. For me, I just wanted to be "Faye" just like the "Faye" My roomie wanted to be the "Princess"! Thankfully we both got what we wanted!

  14. We've had our boy on orijen puppy for this whole year. He's a very healthy young boyo, but we might switch to an acclaimed wet/fresh raw feed at some point.

  15. This looks like it's the American River South Fork Trail in the Sacramento, CA area!

  16. We taught our boy that biting people is a 100% no-go using "no bite" and reinforcing what "time out" means so we had stages for indicating the situation and how badly he needs to stop

  17. Teheheee, pretty much did! I made two of this plate for me and my partner to each have one. She and I both needed a saucer to put something on, but it was easier to snap a pic this way, in the moment!

  18. I'm no veteran, but I've had my Salomon Hiking Boots for almost 4 years now and they've held up through some wicked and wild adventures, and my ankles have always been well supported, once I've laced up, but I'll also admit that I'm not out there every single day... I'm more of a once or twice a week kind of lady. The price point those boots generally sit at makes that a good buy to me, but there's likely better options for more intense users, likely at higher prices!

  19. With it being a somewhat wide spread and not stellar resolution, I decided it'd be best if I offer a

  20. Woah! Is that Hidden Falls in Auburn, California, by chance?

  21. Oooooh, that's awesome! Thank you for the response, too!

  22. The main ingredients are spicy sautéed mushrooms, a spicy/creamy aromatic broth, breaded chicken strips, a thin cheesy omelette and some nice ramen noodles!

  23. Hmmmm ... If your boy is already past male standard size at 5 months, I'm curious if he might have some Akita in him or just be a bit of a giant! Still, he's a very charismatic looking boyo! I assume his name is Yuki, from the tag! Super precious!

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