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  1. I got 4 major Tech stocks that have made me millions over 10 years. Micron devices, Apple, Oracle and T-Mobile. These stocks have made huge increases an a major money maker for me over a 14 year period. I’ve lost say 400,000 these past 3 months!!! Now it has done this befor constantly up then down but I am not worried they ALWAYS come back tech heavy stocks!!! I’m a long term investor been in the game since 2008. I hope an pray everyone recovers from this an makes lots of money. God bless y’all an good luck keep your eyes open!!

  2. Yes, in my opinion I would let them go another lil bit not to long just alittle longer

  3. Yes, in my opinion I would let them go another lil bit not to long just alittle longer

  4. I got so many containers you couldn’t fit it in 10 pictures lol I got probably 3000 containers

  5. I found one in some cherry Garcia an it germinated an is 18” tall! Deff female

  6. This flowers just had an all-time record in Ohio for being the highest percent of THC

  7. Yeah I don't think I buy it. Is 41.8% THCA even possible? Would that legitimately be a world record?

  8. Wow I’ve never seen that before what dispensary is that located in northeast Ohio somewhere? That’s crazy that’s 175 an ounce

  9. How would it smoke in a joint if we weren't in ohio and we could smoke it in a joint?

  10. I'd never do that its against the rules bro

  11. Nothing personal just my own opinion but KLUTCH I’ve had them ALL an they have some better flower an better looking then galenas.

  12. I got like 400 an every time I try an use them it says go race to earn. I’ve let them know what it’s doing an got nothing but bs. I know how many times let’s I have but can not buy any car??

  13. BlackBerry Kush by Ohio clean leave is great ice cream cake by clutch is another phenomenal one very strong Indica won the Emerald award in 2019 Northern lights is an Indica good for pain and sleep

  14. Great looking, smells amazing smokes great!! I’m am a big fan but there’s so many other cultivators in the program I just can’t get enough

  15. It’s been a year bro an still fresh an strong as can be!! Sticky more of leaning Indica good for pain. I got like 50 diff strains I have an addiction lmao

  16. I used it my first couple boss cars but free that mine was upgraded fully so I beat them all without buying it

  17. Yeah if you want to continue to move on in the game that never goes away you have to get that car if you want to continue the elite tuners chapter

  18. I’ve been fighting with them with this issue since they took the money I’m still zero and I still can’t earn any I emailed Support from the website instead of Support on the game because they do nothing they said within 24 to 48 hours they’re going to try to fix it and put it back to normal they see a discrepancy on my account and I can’t earn any money how long did it take for yours to be fixed

  19. Had a member of my crew spend 90 million of the 110M he got. Now he has no cash and when he races he makes NO money and NO RP, an no response from support of when the “shadow ban” will end.

  20. Absolutely I get RP an fold an other stuff but no cash I burnt through 50 mill now I’m negative! It’s their fault why make us suffer on their glitch

  21. And for how long do I need to leave that light on and what time of the day? Please help

  22. I always keep me some KLUTCH MAC 1 around! My all time favorite. Got a half oz rn love the bud an all of KLUTCH products

  23. It’s Death Star x sfv OG aka Jedi Kush or Jedi Og

  24. Standard's was better, so many people talkin bout this strain rn like its 1996!

  25. shit sorry for the late response. homedepot has a few small led grow lights. i just started mine for outside. good luck!

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